August 29, 2014


Hi there <3 I hope that You are having a lovely Now moment. <3
As we embody Soul more, and BEcome our True Self, we step into the New more and more. In the New, we naturally desire to live our truth and in integrity as our True Self in all areas. There are to be Balance between all areas, aspects and parts in our life, it is all One and needs to flow in harmony and balance with- and between each other. The vertical ("spiritual"/upper) are to be One with the horizontal (physical). One part of all this is to take good care of our physical body. It is the vehicle that makes us able to be here in these absolutely amazing and changing times on the planet, and we are to treat it as the temple that it truly is;) By truly listening to our body to feel what it needs, and follow our inner guidance, we will naturally be driven and inspired to take action and do what is good for it. 

I have had a desire to start running for many years, but I never did anything to make it so, meaning buying running shoes/sport clothes. Of course this is a very easy thing to do, but clearly the motivation and will was not there. 
I, like many of us, have expanded and shifted very profoundly and are living as my True Self, and I have consciously made the choice through my inner empowerment and strength to walk into the New, step by step, in beautiful pace, perfect timing and doing what is perfect in the Now for my own unique journey of ever BEcoming. 
One of the things which I felt that it was perfect time for was to finally start running! For me, it belongs in my New world.

So I made a clear vision of the type of shoes I desired and what price range they would be in. After a few days, boom!, I had bought a pair. I found them online for an absolutely amazing price. They fit me so perfectly and I could not be more happy with them. I have started to run now, taking it easy now in the beginning. Oh I feel so fresh and light as I run, it empowers me and gives me strength and even more clarity. So this ripples to- and brings balance to all areas of my beingness of course. 

Listen to your body, listen to your inner, flow with it and let this currant of ever increasing Light bring You into your own beautiful life in the New, one lovely step at a time, no matter how small or big it is, it is all of equal value and importance.

Wishing You a weekend filled with harmony, peace and many laughters;P

I Love You <3

August 28, 2014


Dear Ones <3 My Beloved Soul sister Polona sent me a recipe with approximate measurements for a raw apple strudel, saying it is the best one she has ever had, and she wished that I would make a recipe, take pictures and share it with you all. Of course I loved this idea, and rarely say no to some baking;) Here is the result! <3

I used these lovely red medium sized apples.

Layer out the bananas on the almond base layer.

Oh goodness, doesn't the apple mixture look so amazingly yummy and perfect for fall? ;)

Blissful Raw Apple Strudel

2 cups/5 dl almond meal (if you don't have a meal, process almonds in a food processor/blender until a course meal is formed)
1 1/2 tbsp honey (use raw honey if You wish this recipe to be fully raw)
2 tbsp water
2-4 bananas (depending on how much you press out the first layer. I used one banana per layer.)
6-10 apples, depending on size. (I used 6 medium sized ones, but still got a lot left over. Perfect for breakfast or as a snack)
1 cup/2.5 dl raisins 
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp coconut sugar + a bit to sprinkle on top
1/2 cup/1.25 dl ground macadamia nuts
some almond flakes for topping

Mix with a spoon the almond meal, honey and water till a paste is formed. Press out the mixture on a cake platter. 
Slice the bananas and spread out on the almond layer.
Chop up the apples into small dices and put in a bowl. Add raisins, cinnamon, lemon juice and coconut sugar, mix well. 
Put the apple mixture on top of the bananas, press with a spoon to make it firm. Sprinkle half of the ground macadamia nuts on top. Add the second layer of bananas, then the second layer of apple mixture, press again. 
For topping, sprinkle the rest of the macadamia nuts, then almond flakes, and top off with coconut sugar to make if extra crusty and epic! Let the apple strudel sit in the fridge before serving. Enjoy <3


August 25, 2014


This is a simple and delicious fig jam that I made last week to put on top of a raw chocolate cake. 
This jam is also perfect to eat with breakfast/snack combined with for example fruit, berries, nuts, seeds and almond or rice milk. But I know that there are so many more ways to eat this deliciousness;) I AM sure it is yummy to eat with a variety of desserts.

Raw Fig Jam

1 cup/2.5 dl dried or fresh figs, finely chopped
4 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp water

Chop the figs into small pieces. Mix all ingredients in a blender till smooth. 



Happy New Moon in Virgo, dear ones <3 I hope that you have had a great weekend. This year is going by fast, only one week till September! How wonderful to start this new week with a New Moon. 

By aligning with these new moon energies we may move into our completely New lives, we feel ready, encouraged and eager through our inner empowerment and Self Love to Create the life that we desire and already hold within us. Of course everything is in Divine perfection in every new now moment, but life is constant change, and we are to be well with that and welcome in and embrace what wants to enter. We know if it is for us, we feel it in our hearts, as long as we are not within fear and let egoic tendencies/beliefs from the lower mind rule us. 
Change, fresh new starts, and rapid forward movement in the horizontal (physical) is what this New Moon may bring. Many of us have the vertical ("spiritual"/upper) in place- we have a deep Soul awareness, inner empowerment, knowing, guidance, Magic, and pure Love, and we are here to bring and anchor into the physical this beauty that we have within us and this blissful dance we have amongst the stars. We are ready to birth something New and Create the life that we desire. We are to shine bright in our uniqueness and realize our own true desires and dreams. We want to focus and put our attention on whatever we truly desire, and not waist our energy in any way on things, fears, people, doings that is not in alignment with our inner. 

Virgo rules the physical plane and existence, so we are fully supported from this New Moon in Creating the life we wish to live and are here to live, if we are not living it already at this time of course, but there's always something new to Create and embrace. If there's any old habits or beliefs that we cling to, they are even more supported to fall away now. We feel the need to be practical, organized, uncluttered on all planes, productive, get things done, and truly live/bring forth our New lives even more. This applies to our physical vehicle too of course, we may feel the urge to take really good care of it, exercise (do what brings joy, there's so many ways to get exercise) and eat what we feel it needs and brings us health and energy. There is to be joy in all this, we are to flow with it and do/eat within no pressure.

Focus on the intentions, focus on the knowing that the New Now is beyond beautiful, amazing and brings us our pure hearts desires. Dream Big, hold the intention, release all access doings/interactions if there is any. This is not to say that we shall ignore things and not see clearly, we are to have awareness and not be afraid to look at what we feel shall be released, see it, learn and grow from it, and embrace it for what it was so that we can release it fully and move on.
Stay open, conscious, patient, calm and allowing. Enjoy and savor every moment within awareness, groundedness, purity and integrity, be in the knowing that all is in Divine Perfection, we get what we need for our expansion, and all comes in beautiful timing. Listen, trust and follow the heart/inner guidance. For some of us, the energies of these times are focused on bringing/will bring to us what we have sown this past year or so.

Remember to not compare your life and "forward movement" with others, we all have our own unique road to travel.

May You enjoy this New Moon, loves, and may You have a lovely new week. 

I Love You <3

August 21, 2014


Dear Ones <3 Many of us feel that we are going through a time of change and integration in a rapid pace, and are completely breaking free of absolutely everything that does not serve us in the next phase and New Now. We may feel overwhelmed, or a bit, or very uncomfortable at times, there may be uncertainty, tiredness, sadness, emptiness, or even depression for some. But there can also come in beautiful clarity, focus, and revelations from all this. I AM feeling that I have Now stepped into Divine Love even more <3 I feel that I AM getting even Stronger. We are connecting even deeper in our relationships with our dear friends and Soul Family, and feel the beauty of being here together, supporting and sharing with each other. A New level of connectedness and trust is here, and we start to feel the safety, support, and protection from each other in a much more profound and touching way. In our own unique beingness, we are beautiful, loved and amazing beyond words. By staying true to ourselves within integrity, purity and compassion, and with our inner and outer Magic, we are- and will Create miracles and beauty beyond compare. 

Know that this period is very important and is helping and preparing us for great expansion and is makings us ready and refreshed for the next phase/chapter in our lives and also the next phase for Beloved Gaia. We are preparing to truly transform, just like the caterpillar inside the cocoon transforms into a butterfly. We are spreading our wings of Light even more on our journey of ever becoming <3 So no need to worry in any way. No need to go into fear (control, beliefs, self destructiveness), old egoic patterns/tendencies.

What we are opening up to is the limitless possibilities in the New, the unimaginable wonderful, and beautiful beyond compare. We are here to anchor the New Earth that we already have within us of course. Which is all about Love, freedom, beauty, and plenty. By BEing our True Self within integrity and purity, Creating (in all its endless ways) within pure Love- through full devotion and oneness with all of Creation in the Now- we are bringing so much upliftment energy to the world.
And this is what this intense phase is bringing us even closer to- our True Self and to be able to embody a new level of Truth, so that we can start a new chapter in our own perfect timing and pace.

The key to go through this time with more ease is to have beautiful patience, trust in this process, BE in our inner peace and sacred space, nurture and take care of the Self, have presence with our body, really listen to our body and our true heart to know what we may need from moment to moment. For many right now, it is good to just be.. Enjoy the Divine feminine principle of pure Beingness, receptivity and nurture till You feel more clarity and feel sure of what action to take. There is no hurry. In this surrendered state of trust and awareness, we will always feel when to take the right action steps. 
And Remember to take time to play and be goofy;) there are to be beautiful balance between all areas.

Stay grounded, present, and amazing;) Shine your brightest as the unique Spark that You are.

I Love You <3


Dear Ones <3 The other day I put up a post on Facebook about colors and how we can consciously work with Light by using colors. That day I was completely surrounded by magenta pink, which is my favorite color, it is the color of Divine Love. Divine Love is fully accepting, embracing, non judgmental, non analytical, it is completely neutral and pure.
I do Love all colors, but I and most do have a fave or two. <3

Colors are Light, by working and using colors we are Creating with Light.
My favorite color, magenta pink is the essence of our Higher Heart- through where we can activate our deepest desires and Soul potentials by being Balanced in our Divine feminine and masculine energies and in Unity consciousness within- and we therefor let the White Light of Creation to flow through us, which emanates from Source. We BEcome co-creator Gods. We can Create and experience so much Magic, beauty, wonder and miracles in this state, we Create new worlds and realities through our inner Magic. As we connect to our core- our Spark, we know, we feel, we hear, we see. As within, so without, as above, so below. There is no separation.

By surrounding ourselves with a color that has the essence of whatever we wish to align with and bring in more of at the moment- we are consciously Creating/working with the power of Color/Light.

My water bottle is pink too. We can bless our drinking water with for example Love, and we can also infuse it with a specific vibration. So by using a glass or bottle with a color that represents whatever we enjoy or wish to bring in more of- the color will transmit its energy to the water. We consist of so much water, so working with water is an important key to Magic;)

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of colors <3

I Love You <3

August 19, 2014


Hi there, dear Ones <3 We have had a gloomy and rainy day here, perfect for snuggle up in the couch, drink tea and eat something delicious. As I talked to my dear friend earlier today, she said to me that I should eat some cake, Yes I agreed;) and it felt like a perfect day to create a New yummy cake recipe. This is what I came up with, a raw, vegan chocolate cake topped with fig jam. Yum! I hope that this cake will make your taste buds dance;P

Delightful Raw, Vegan Chocolate Cake topped with Fig Jam

2 cups/5 dl almond or cashew meal (if you don't have meal, process nuts in a food processor/blender until a course meal is formed)
1 cup/2.5 dl dried dates 
3 tbsp cacao or carob powder
A pinch of pink Himalayan salt

Fig jam
1 cup/2.5 dl dried or fresh figs, finely chopped
4 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp water
2 tsp lemon zest (optional)

Cake: Mix all ingredients till smooth in a food processor. Add a bit of water or almond milk if needed.

Jam: Chop the figs into small pieces. Mix all ingredients in a blender till smooth. 

Press out the cake dough on a cake platter. You can create any shape you want;) I chose to make a heart. Spread the fig jam on top. Serve as it is, or with berries/fruit of your choice. Enjoy <3