May 29, 2015

Crystal Wisdom, Shifting, and Openness

Beloved hearts <3 I hope you are having a peaceful present moment. 
I AM feeling a big shift taking place these last few days, and especially today there is a lot of intensity in this. We are jumping and taking big leaps, quantum style. 
I had a crystal dream this night, which always is a new initiation and opening to something. 
As often, I found and worked with them in water. I found beautiful big crystal clusters. They were clear crystals with such purity and high vibration to them. This shows me that there is a passage into even more clarity, awareness, balance and purity in all ways as we let go of "outdated" tasks or interactions, and go through this shift that feels so profoundly fresh and welcomed.

There are truly amazing activations and initiations to higher service and new levels of Soul embodiment in action. But, this does not mean that we only have happy fun things presented. Yes, we all go through challenges, and whatever we may need to be able to grow, all is opportunities for new levels of Mastery. Challenges with people, with ourselves, with pets, with situations and circumstances. 

REmember that we have each other, we are in this together to share and co-create on our own unique journeys. We are here to support and be here for each other in one way or another. We shall not be afraid to open up for support and allow ourselves to help each other. No matter the way, if it is in person from friends/family/companions, or in writing, from other realms, or in any way that suits us.

I notice beloved companions who are so tough and hard on themselves, which means onto others too. Know that giving or receiving, are both equally heart warming, and we shall open up to both. 

I AM honoring You. I AM honoring your vulnerability and beauty. I AM honoring who you have been and who you are in this very moment. I AM honoring your Mastery. I AM Mastery in action. I AM divine Love, divine Light, and divine peace. I AM, we are. 

Wishing you so much Love and Blessings. 

Within divine harmony and grace. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

May 22, 2015

Stunning Expansion

Happy Friday, beloved sparks <3 I hope you have had a beautiful week. I have been feeling such stunning increase of incoming waves/emitting from within us Light these last few days, and many of us feel this. The beautiful intensity of this is for me more expanding in feel than ever. Truly stunning! The current timeline supports in so much more opening up to hold even more Light, and anchor this into beloved Gaia. 

REmember, sweet ones, everything is relative, we give things meaning. We transmit our reality from within us, which does not mean it is to be created in a way we may believe with our HUman mind always. I AM approaching and seeing everything and everyone as an opportunity to bring forth my Mastery even more. No matter what. I AM the experience, I AM allowing a space for it, I AM divine Love, I AM divine Light, I AM, divine peace, I AM divine grace. I AM, we are. 

Shine oh so bright in your Mastery, beloved one. May you all have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your Magic, enjoy your beautiful uniqueness and feel the appreciation for everyone's views, and see how we all contribute to our co-creation in divine perfection.
Wishing you so much Love, and Blessings of pure joy, bliss and abundance in all ways to you.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

My Current Favorite Drink, Ginger & Lemon Water

Beloved hearts <3 My current favorite drink is ginger and lemon water, it is so healthy and easy to make, and I drink it every day.

Ginger and Lemon Water:

1-2 teaspoons of minced fresh ginger. I Love the minced ginger in this, it is such a delight to chew on the little pieces, but you can make thin slices instead if you prefer a clearer look and feel to the drink.

1 tablespoon of lemon juice, you can squeeze lemon and then add the peel to the drink too, looks and tastes good.

Pour in a big glass; about 1 cup/2.5 dl cold water, and 1 cup/2.5 dl hot water, this creates a perfect temperature, add the ginger and lemon, let soak for a few minutes. 

Drink in pure joy <3

May 11, 2015

Celebrating the Great Mother Goddess Within Us

I AM Celebrating the Great Mother Goddess within us all <3

Beloved ones <3 I hope you have had a peaceful weekend. Yesterday many so wonderfully celebrated Mother's Day, in my country we celebrate it on May 31st so I AM looking forward to that. Even tho I AM indeed celebrating Mothers and their pure Magic in every moment it is simply a joy to dedicate a day where it is even more celebrated. 

I AM celebrating and honoring all mothers. I AM celebrating in this Now what they are, what they do, and their sacred physical temple and whole BEing.

The Great Father Gods Light/idea/seed of potential got surrounded by the Great Mother Goddess Love, nurture, and patience and were able to grow and BEcome in her womb. We all travel through the cosmic Great Mother Goddess channel and ReBirth ourselves in every new now moment. Eternal sparks we are in our hearts, coming from the eternal Love making of the divine Mother-Father energies. They dance their dance of ever weaving and merging in divine oneness and wholeness. 

Even tho I have no kids in this reality, I AM embodying the Great Mother Goddess energy and feeling the powerful divine feminine sacred sensual energy of it reaching and supporting all of creation. I AM choosing to embody and live this here more and more, allowing the Great Mother Goddess to know, feel, and express herself in form.
I AM, we are.

I AM sending so much Love and appreciation to all Mothers on our Beloved Gaia, and in the multiverse. Thank you <3 You are a true miracle, your body is a sacred BEyond beautiful miracle, and it can create miracles, give birth to new life and manifestations. Blessings and deep gratitude to You. Wishing you all a most peaceful harmonious new week, feeling the sacredness and sensuality coming from BEing within deep presence.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

May 8, 2015

Joyful Friday

Happy joyful Friday to you, beloved hearts <3 I hope you are having a peaceful present moment and I AM wishing you a most wonderful weekend. Allow our joy to fill up our whole BEing and come all the way out to express itself in any way we feel. Let us shine the beautiful Light and essence of our divine Soul. 

I AM joyfully celebrating the Love for Life, the most precious blissful dance of Love and Life. I AM divine Love. I AM divine peace. I AM divine grace. I AM, we are. Playing as the Light in form.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

Beloved Doves

Hi there <3 I hope you are having a lovely day and are enjoying your inner Magic.
Yesterday when I went out into the kitchen I looked out the window and I saw that the two forest doves who live in the trees around here were strolling around in the garden. I AM so happy that I got to see them more closely and were able to take a picture of them to share with you. I always Love to hear them sit in the trees when I am in the garden, how they make sounds to communicate and call on each other. 

It felt so precious to see these here today and they brought a message of truly feeling and BEing our divinity, BE divine Love, divine Light, divine peace, and divine grace. Know deeply and trust fully that we are exactly where we need to be and are doing exactly what we are to do in this ever expanding moment. Stand tall, steady, and proud. Allow our hearts joy to come all the way out and not hold back our joy and happiness because of how it can trigger others. We are REminding each other of our divine greatness, which is about inner empowerment and Mastery. Full responsibility because of the knowing and feeling of self as source. 

These beloved doves are saying to us that we shall spread our wings of pure Light which are emanating from our open heart space. Allow our joy to express itself in any way we feel, and shine the Light and essence of our Soul. 

May the divinity, peace and pure Love of these precious doves bring your heart and whole BEing even more magic and faith in this moment.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

May 7, 2015

Our Greatness, Creating within Pure Joy

I AM celebrating our true greatness <3 

Beloved hearts, we are shifting so very fast at the moment and are opening up to hold even more Light. This also means we go through many initiations and we are bringing forth old to be released/let go of, in what way and intensity is all depending on where we are on our own unique journey of ever BEcoming. 

This year is, just like many of us felt, the year of true change and manifestations in the physical, because we have done so much inner "work" and are ready to merge and balance the vertical/"upper" with the horizontal/physical reality even more. We have stepped into a space now where there truly are no limits to what we can create. Of course this is so as long as it comes from a place of pure joy. 

We are REmembering our Mastery and this means completely full responsibility for our lives, actions and thoughts. It is all about having an open heart space and creating fully from there. 
We are to realize and release the potential we have within us. Create our magic, miracles and beauty in any way that brings us a sense of Soul bliss. Right here right now.

Full faith. Full trust. 

All and everything is opportunities for Mastery and therefore moving into timelines/merged timelines where we are supported in living our highest good. <3

I Love You, beloved sparks, I AM sending so much Love and harmony from my heart to yours. I AM so grateful for BEing here on Mother Gaia sharing and co-creating with you all. 

Lina Louise <3