November 11, 2015

Happy 11-11

Happy 11-11, beloved ones <3 I wish you a most beautiful harmonious peaceful day. I am celebrating our own inner balance, wholeness and sacred marriage in full oneness, complete unification. Breathe deep, trust fully, stay relaxed, and simply enjoy this gateway. Breathe golden pure Light in, breathe it out to all of creation, and let it fill your whole being.

Gratitude for the gorgeous weather we are having here today. It is sunny and beautiful, it is truly such an amazing fall!

So much Love, blessings and harmony to you all, bright shining hearts. 
I Love You ~ Lina Louise <3

November 10, 2015

11-11 Gateway and New Moon in Scorpio

Blessings, beloved hearts. May you all be having a harmonious start of the week. Tomorrow we have this most powerful 11-11 gateway with opportunities to raise even more in Love. We have and are shifting so much and are now letting these 11-11 energies coming from our own inner gateway and "out there" too as one into our hearts to allow us to shine even brighter with our Love. We are also feeling deeply now with this Scorpio new moon, we are deeply in the moment, right here and now. This helps us and supports us beautifully in moving forth fresh now, and embrace New.
We are now entering a balanced phase in our lives where we can create so much, and allow forth all of our bright Love-Light as the golden masters that we are. Our blueprints are activating and we are remembering beyond words how we create and co-create in divine oneness. We are shedding any old/outgrown doubts, dreams, or limiting behaviors to be able to embrace this new chapter fully!
There is such a stunning feel in the air of tranquility and balance. Expansion is strong and more remembrance of our Master self is coming forth for us to live.
Love and Mastery is simple, it is not something to keep track of and it certainly never makes us feel we need to do more or have more to be in happiness and bliss. It is about embracing and Loving what was, what is, and allowance of what will be.
I wish you all a most wonderful 11-11 and new moon experience. Honor you, honor all, breathe deep and let the magic of creation bring you awe and gratitude. We are in this together and together we support and help each other in endless of different ways.

So much Love and many blessings to you.
I Love You ~ Lina Louise <3

November 3, 2015

Hello November

Blessings, beloved hearts <3 I hope you all are doing well and are having a peaceful start of November. It has been a harmonious time for me, and I am enjoying hermit mode.
There is a need for deep source intimacy and focus on close surroundings. 
I have been working on new art and divine jewelry pieces. I am so proud of them and I hope to share it with you all very soon.

I picked two oracle cards for us all for this present moment and throughout this beautiful month. It is so beneficial to keep things simple and focus on the basics, here and now, and make the very best of it, of what we have and what we create. May we see the light, beauty and Love in people and in ourselves. Feel gratitude for all, for our lives, for our loved ones and for what we have. Listen to your heart, it is your life, live it and create it in accordance to your deep desires, and know that only you know what is best for you. By trusting and following your heart, you move into timelines that supports your highest good and supports your growth, you help to bring forth the new golden earth reality, and you help to uplift all of creation. We are all doing great!

I wish you all a most wonderful new month. So much Love, harmony, and blessings to you.
I Love You ~ Lina Louise 

October 23, 2015

Solar Flares, Gateway

Happy Friday, beloved ones <3 I hope you have had a lovely week and are enjoying your day. This night I dreamed of us having solar flares, and it turns out we had had a 3 hour long one this past 24 hours or so. That I dreamed about this tells me it is a powerful one! This can be felt intensely, we are being upgraded to be able to hold even more Light, we download codes and activations for our blueprints, to live as the golden HUmans here. So take it easy during this phase, stay relaxed, breathe deeply, go on walks to move some energy gently in your body, and be deeply connected to Gaia.

Love and many blessings during this gateway phase we are also in now through the 25th. 
I Love you. ~ Lina Louise

Our baby doing lightwork in the garden earlier on this most beautiful day <3

October 22, 2015

Golden Divine Mother Goddess

Golden Divine Mother Goddess

This is my new painting, I am so happy with it and it was a true delight to create it!

This painting holds the energy of the divine mother goddess. She, through her pure beingness anchors divine Love deep into beloved Gaia. She exist within all of us. She is fully golden white, as source, and the frequency of gold creates a bridge to source.

Painting, 50 x 70 cm. 200 EUR

Love and blessings to you.
Within divine Love-Light. ~ Lina Louise <3

September 30, 2015

Reading for Present Moment and for October

Beloved hearts, this is a reading for the present moment and also for the month of October <3
There is a strong message for you of relaxing and trusting that everything will and is working out perfectly and in accordance to your highest good and all concerned. You are right on track, you are exactly where you need and are meant to be for your growth and expansion. Spirit says that you can relax and trust that fully. 

There is a sense of completion of a phase/chapter/state, and openings to even more fulfillment, abundance, joy and blessings. Through a balance and things have come full circle, a new door opens now and with faith and trust in your self, you walk through it. We have so much power within us, and spirit tell us that we are to focus and stay devoted to our true hearts goals and dreams. Patience and not giving up is key here. You are doing great and are absolutely amazing! 

Make a wish!, and know that no matter what, you will receive it and so much more. There are endless of possibilities and opportunities now. 
I hope you enjoyed this little reading and if you wish to receive a more in depth personal reading from me, order your own here 

Within divine Love-Light, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

Pure Golden Divine Love-Light Stones

Pure Golden Divine Love-Light Stones

These are three new stones that I have been painting. The first one shows an abundant heart. A heart with an abundance of divine Love. If you so feel, open up and receive its pure golden energy of overflowing Love.
The second one shows the balance and merge of polarities. Open up and receive its amazing balanced harmonious energy into your being. Honor the yin and yang polarity balance within you.
The third stone shows the unified heart of beloveds.

Within divine Love-Light, divine harmony, and Mastery, Lina Louise <3