August 21, 2014


Dear Ones <3 Many of us feel that we are going through a time of change and integration in a rapid pace, and are completely breaking free of absolutely everything that does not serve us in the next phase and New Now. We may feel overwhelmed, or a bit, or very uncomfortable at times, there may be uncertainty, tiredness, sadness, emptiness, or even depression for some. But there can also come in beautiful clarity, focus, and revelations from all this. I AM feeling that I have Now stepped into Divine Love even more <3 I feel that I AM getting even Stronger. We are connecting even deeper in our relationships with our dear friends and Soul Family, and feel the beauty of being here together, supporting and sharing with each other. A New level of connectedness and trust is here, and we start to feel the safety, support, and protection from each other in a much more profound and touching way. In our own unique beingness, we are beautiful, loved and amazing beyond words. By staying true to ourselves within integrity, purity and compassion, and with our inner and outer Magic, we are- and will Create miracles and beauty beyond compare. 

Know that this period is very important and is helping and preparing us for great expansion and is makings us ready and refreshed for the next phase/chapter in our lives and also the next phase for Beloved Gaia. We are preparing to truly transform, just like the caterpillar inside the cocoon transforms into a butterfly. We are spreading our wings of Light even more on our journey of ever becoming <3 So no need to worry in any way. No need to go into fear (control, beliefs, self destructiveness), old egoic patterns/tendencies.

What we are opening up to is the limitless possibilities in the New, the unimaginable wonderful, and beautiful beyond compare. We are here to anchor the New Earth that we already have within us of course. Which is all about Love, freedom, beauty, and plenty. By BEing our True Self within integrity and purity, Creating (in all its endless ways) within pure Love- through full devotion and oneness with all of Creation in the Now- we are bringing so much upliftment energy to the world.
And this is what this intense phase is bringing us even closer to- our True Self and to be able to embody a new level of Truth, so that we can start a new chapter in our own perfect timing and pace.

The key to go through this time with more ease is to have beautiful patience, trust in this process, BE in our inner peace and sacred space, nurture and take care of the Self, have presence with our body, really listen to our body and our true heart to know what we may need from moment to moment. For many right now, it is good to just be.. Enjoy the Divine feminine principle of pure Beingness, receptivity and nurture till You feel more clarity and feel sure of what action to take. There is no hurry. In this surrendered state of trust and awareness, we will always feel when to take the right action steps. 
And Remember to take time to play and be goofy;) there are to be beautiful balance between all areas.

Stay grounded, present, and amazing;) Shine your brightest as the unique Spark that You are.

I Love You <3


Dear Ones <3 The other day I put up a post on Facebook about colors and how we can consciously work with Light by using colors. That day I was completely surrounded by magenta pink, which is my favorite color, it is the color of Divine Love. Divine Love is fully accepting, embracing, non judgmental, non analytical, it is completely neutral and pure.
I do Love all colors, but I and most do have a fave or two. <3

Colors are Light, by working and using colors we are Creating with Light.
My favorite color, magenta pink is the essence of our Higher Heart- through where we can activate our deepest desires and Soul potentials by being Balanced in our Divine feminine and masculine energies and in Unity consciousness within- and we therefor let the White Light of Creation to flow through us, which emanates from Source. We BEcome co-creator Gods. We can Create and experience so much Magic, beauty, wonder and miracles in this state, we Create new worlds and realities through our inner Magic. As we connect to our core- our Spark, we know, we feel, we hear, we see. As within, so without, as above, so below. There is no separation.

By surrounding ourselves with a color that has the essence of whatever we wish to align with and bring in more of at the moment- we are consciously Creating/working with the power of Color/Light.

My water bottle is pink too. We can bless our drinking water with for example Love, and we can also infuse it with a specific vibration. So by using a glass or bottle with a color that represents whatever we enjoy or wish to bring in more of- the color will transmit its energy to the water. We consist of so much water, so working with water is an important key to Magic;)

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of colors <3

I Love You <3

August 19, 2014


Hi there, dear Ones <3 We have had a gloomy and rainy day here, perfect for snuggle up in the couch, drink tea and eat something delicious. As I talked to my dear friend earlier today, she said to me that I should eat some cake, Yes I agreed;) and it felt like a perfect day to create a New yummy cake recipe. This is what I came up with, a raw, vegan chocolate cake topped with fig jam. Yum! I hope that this cake will make your taste buds dance;P

Delightful Raw, Vegan Chocolate Cake topped with Fig Jam

2 cups/5 dl almond or cashew meal (if you don't have meal, process nuts in a food processor/blender until a course meal is formed)
1 cup/2.5 dl dried dates 
3 tbsp cacao or carob powder
A pinch of pink Himalayan salt

Fig jam
1 cup!2.5 dl dried or fresh figs, finely chopped
4 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp water
2 tsp lemon zest (optional)

Cake: Mix all ingredients till smooth in a food processor. Add a bit of water or almond milk if needed.

Jam: Chop the figs into small pieces. Mix all ingredients in a blender till smooth. 

Press out the cake dough on a cake platter. You can create any shape you want;) I chose to make a heart. Spread the fig jam on top. Serve as it is, or with berries/fruit of your choice. Enjoy <3

August 18, 2014


Sweet Monday to You <3

Can You feel the intensity of this time?
We are having an intense time Now, much is happening on so many levels. Things are "speeding up" for our benefit, and to help us shift, so that we can embody this new level of Truth. This wave of energy is now ongoing, before it came in certain times, but Now we are ready for this next phase with a different type of intensity, which is Now, we have stepped out of "time" in the sense that we "wait" for things/gates/openings/star alignments etc. Now, it is just a matter of where we stand and how much we are ready for in every new expanded Now. It may feel a bit overwhelming at times. I AM feeling this and hearing this from a few of my dear friends and companions right now, how there is this intensity, and completely new chapter, where another revelation presents after another. 

Inner peace, Self care, nurturing, presence with our body, patience, and perseverance is key. All unfolds in perfection and Divine timing. We are to be well with change and not-knowing, till what we need is presented to us. Remember, there is no hurry, we are to really get clarity, and take action when we feel guided to.

Know that whatever is going on or is experienced within and/or without is there to help us. It may be very intense, and we may feel "thrown off guard" a bit even. Know and trust that all is well, all is for our highest good, it is there to help us in the embodiment of our Divine Self, peel of another layer, help us expand, grow, and learn. Listen to your true heart, this knowing that we find there can no one take away from us. And it is there that we find what we need, and it is there that we Know who we are and what we are doing here, Remember.
We are embracing and BEcoming One with all that we are, all our aspects, parts, multidimensional expressions. We are BEcoming One with all that is. There is no time, it is all Now, and it is just a matter of how aware, conscious, and open we are within the New Now, with all its endless possibilities. 
It is a choice. Will we choose Self empowerment, Love, freedom, purity, integrity, and release beliefs, egoic tendencies, and fears? Nothing ever comes by itself, we ourselves are the ones who invites, opens up to, integrate, and BEcomes it. It does not matter how much we talk, wish, dream or whatnot, the only thing that truly matters and shows where we are is our ability to LIVE our Truth, which we discover Within us in every New moment. We are Creator beings who Creates at all times. 
It takes great courage and bravery to truly accept that we Create our reality, it takes courage to go Within, many lags at the threshold, within fear and unawareness, and make up all sorts of beliefs, excuses, and whatnot so they don't have to "deal" with their whole being in all its "nakedness". But there is nothing to be afraid of, of course, because in our Core we find our True Self, our Spark, which holds all we ever need, eternally and infinitely. There we feel the freedom, wholeness, balance, and perfection, we feel complete contentment, and have no need to search "out there" for it.
But at the same time, this is the beauty of free will, we get to choose. Let's honor our right to choose.

This time calls for pure Beingness at times, relaxation, BEing within deep presence, deeply grounded into Mother Gaia, and BEing centered, calm and conscious. Listen to what you need, and what your body needs. Breathe deep <3
Through stillness and contemplation, Creation is being prepared and "planned". The longer and bigger the in-breath, the Greater the out-breath.

We have only Now, and by embracing this fully, we know and trust that all is in Divine perfection. So know that all is beyond well, loves, enjoy your inner Magic and Truth. 

Wishing You all so much Love and miracles.

I Love You <3

August 15, 2014


The Patience and Trust in reaping what we have sown when it is ripe and truly ready, not sooner nor later.

I have been harvesting apples in the park this week. I AM so grateful to be able to pick these apples.
Pure Life Force is what we are talking about here, loves ;P I will Create a healthy version of an apple pie with these beauties;)
Thank You Mother Nature for your fruit. <3

Let's harvest the beauty of what we have sown, in all ways;)
If we wish to only Create, manifest, reap, receive, experience what is in alignment with our highest good and what is in accordance with the laws of Nature, patience and perseverance is key. Trusting in what is to come and unfold. By relaxing, and surrendering in the present moment in all its nakedness, we Create a lovely flow. We embrace ourselves fully, all our aspects and parts, within and without of course. By embracing, allowing, trusting, and by BEing centered, calm and focused, listening to our heart/inner guidance, we exist within pure Love. We are here to remember that we can live on this planet as Love expressed. We are to remember and discover that pure True Love and BEing our True Self can Create so much Magic, wonder, beauty and abundance.
Through embodying Soul, in this Light of our Soul awareness- we are taking ourselves Home, to our true self- who we were born to BE, and All and everything that comes with this, within and without on all levels, Home. <3

By honoring our inner wholeness- our own inner Sacred Marriage, embodying Soul, and multidimensional aspects; BEcoming our natural state of Divine Self- we bring in Source- we bring Heaven to Mother Earth through our BEingness and trough all our Creations. This passionate dance of Life and Love that we in this state experience amongst the Stars within pure Bliss manifests in the physical too, this higher state is meant to be grounded Here on Mother Earth.

Wishing You a Wonderful weekend, dear Ones :) 
Make your own unique Magic, honor yourselves, trust.

I Love You <3


This is a delicious raw chocolate "mousse" recipe that I made earlier this week for my moms birthday. Turned out to be a hit for my family, they loved it, I didn't eat much of mine because I was just not feeling it, but I will make more this upcoming weekend so I will eat then instead, lol <3

Raw Chocolate Mousse

About 4 servings:
2 Bananas
2 Avocados 
2 tbsp raw Cacao
2 tsp coconut sugar (optional, just gives a bit of a richer taste, but certainly not necessary)

Mix all ingredients till smooth in a blender. Serve immediately.

Tip: Serve with small pieces of fruit or berries.


August 11, 2014


Raw, Vegan Chocolate Popsicles/"Ice Cream" 

I came up with this recipe a couple of weeks ago, it is so yummy and just perfect for a hot summer day;) You can make it in popsicle molds like I did this time, or just pour it into a container and scoop the "ice cream". Tip: fill the molds with small pieces of fruit and/or berries before pouring the ice cream into them.

1 can(400 ml) coconut milk
4 tbsp raw cacao
3 tbsp coconut sugar, or preferred sweetener

Blend the coconut milk, cacao, and sweetener until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds. Set in the freezer over night, or until frozen solid. Enjoy <3