September 16, 2014


Hi, dear Ones <3 I hope that You are having a lovely day <3 As I wrote in the previous post, there is so much going on now, we are letting go of things/beliefs/behaviors/habits/people or whatnot that we no longer need and that simply needs to be released for us so that we can embrace the New. We are to flow, not resist, and re-align ourselves to our inner truth and power. Expand and sooner or later align with-and give birth to the goddess/god that we are in truth. 
I AM so Grateful that we have each other, we are all in this together and there is so much Love for us if we are open for it. 
Today, I AM feeling beyond grateful for my Soul Family who always support, encourage, and simply are there for me no matter what. <3 We Love each other fully, every particle. 
In true Love, there is no fear, games, waiting, excuses, or expectations, we are there, Always <3 , in the present moment, fully open, feeling that we are perfectly enough, savor every moment, and take action on our true passions and ideas. <3

As we are here to live our fullest potential, if we so choose, and are here to live heaven on Earth, we are to feel, see and live this on all planes, not just believing that it will be so in the "future", or that we will magically just "be" there and "ready" one day, no, this is something we are to align ourselves with in every new now moment. I have pure Love, Light, beauty, Magic, and innocence within me, and are therefor aligning mySelf with it on all planes, so I AM experiencing this all around me. All our own unique intentions, desires and wishes are our birth right to bring into the physical/materialize. We are to fully know what we want, and that there simply are no separation. The vertical (upper/"spiritual") and horizontal (physical/material) are to be ONE.

Here are some little sparkles that I adored around me today <3

We got gifted with a big bag full of garden apples <3 Grateful I AM.
Haha I just adored to snack on these last night ;)

Omg, sweeties, I made a New recipe today for raw blueberry pie. Yum! this pie turned out so delightfully delicious! Blueberry-lime amazingness;P
I will share the recipe with You soon :) 

As I stepped outside today, I spotted this big beautiful heart with stars around it that someone had made on the ground. It is just so perfect! Gives me a message of embracing our beautiful True Selves, feel that we are bright shining stars. It gives a message of how pure Love is who we are and it is the the key to true happiness and joy. We can recognize and Create miracles and Magic beyond our imagination within pure true Love. This shows how absolutely bright our hearts are and how much of this Light (colors are Light) we emanate when we live in Love. <3

Found this little fluffy white feather. It wanted to remind me of my Angelic Self, and my connection to the Unicorn kingdom. These feathers are so perfect when I Create my art. <3

Mushrooms with little hearts on them, made me smile;)
The one to the right also looks like Mickey Mouse, Lol, 
speaks of letting the inner child play and have fun <3

Enjoy your INNER and outer Magic<3
Have a sweet day/night. I Love You <3


Dear Hearts <3 Oh my, can You feel how much New that is entering Now on some level or another, well ALL of course, it is all One;) A sense of Magic is in the air, and I feel that this will only grow Now. This is a time of letting go of things that come up which bring us a sense of being "dragged down" and not in our fullest Power and potential. So many seem to feel this Now, and this is an important step/process. The important thing is to not hold on in any way, as so much of the old needs to be let go of for us so that we can go forward in a beautiful pace, without slowing ourselves down by holding on to or try to break it down into tiny pieces in the hopes to keep it in our being.
We can simply just observe whatever comes up that wants to leave, and not fight it, we don't need to hold on to it in any way. 

Remember that whatever is felt and/or is going on in our surroundings that might be seen as chaotic, is meant to be there and let go of, and we go trough it in the easiest way by BEing centered in our Core of inner empowerment and Truth. We are to remember who we are and what we are doing here. Be easy on ourselves, know what we want, re-align ourselves by focusing on whatever brings us into our Bliss and what brings us inspiration. No matter what it is, if it brings us true Soul Bilss and Joy, we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do. 

Many are Now preparing to give birth to a New expanded Self, so we are to let go and then re-align with the New. If we don't, we simply just prolongs the process.

Know that we are god/goddesses here to be in our fullest potential and Magic, and not lower ourselves in any way. We are to be fully clear and declare to the Universe what we want, and not settle for anything less. This is not about BEing "perfect", it is about going through life within Love and awareness, and fully Love ourselves so that we want to learn, grow, expand, and Remember through Joy. And in this we have deep compassion and acceptance for all. It is through this that, one by one in their own lives, the New Earth emerges. It is there for whoever opens up to it, it is a conscious choice. 
There is so much beauty, joy, happiness, Magic, miracles, contentment and plenty for us by aligning with our True Self in every New Now moment. 

So know that all is beyond well. There is no need to struggle, suffer, or push ourselves, we are here to Flow, and follow this flow fearlessly and fully. 

Wishing You so much Love and Blessings. 

I Love You <3

September 15, 2014


Dear Ones <3 I just adore to drink hot chocolate in the fall, winter and around Christmas. Oh it is just so cozy to snuggle up under a soft blanket, watch a lovely movie, and drink hot chocolate on a cold winters night <3 This is a recipe that I really like, and of course it is a healthier version with no dairy and no normal sugar.

Epic Healthy Vegan Hot Chocolate

1/2 cup/1.25 dl coconut milk
1/2 cup/1.25 dl almond or rice milk
1-2 tbsp raw cacao
4 tsp coconut sugar, or preferred sweetener
a pinch of pink Himalayan salt
a pinch of cinnamon

Put the ingredients in a pan and stir with a whisk until smooth.
Heat up and then pour into petty mugs;)

Enjoy <3

September 14, 2014


Dear Ones <3 I hope that You have had a lovely weekend <3 It is important now and in the times ahead to take care of ourselves and our physical bodies as much as possible. We recently had some Solar X-class flares and I feel them strongly now. Some of the things I feel is tiredness and buzzing in the body. So if any of you feel affected by these flares, know that we are to be gentle with ourselves and flow with what we need as much as possible. 

We are to treat our physical vehicle well and listen to what it needs because without it we would not be able to be here and experience these absolutely amazing times of expansion and raising of vibrational frequency on the planet. Eat and drink pure- Life Force, remove unnecessary tasks and interactions as much as possible (things/people that does not bring upliftment and joy, it is easy for us to be affected by such things), move the body by doing something that we enjoy, I enjoy yoga and running at the moment. Listen to the body, relax, rest, sleep if You so feel. When we do, we often get much more receptive to new downloads, activations, and ideas, we expand and grow on our journey of ever BEcoming. 

Enjoy You, treat yourself the best way that You can. Honor, be grateful for, and appreciate your body, what it does for You, and that it allows You to BE here and experience BEcoming the New Human, with a crystalline body, which makes us be able to do, experience, and Create so much Magic and Miracles. 

I AM honoring You All and I AM honoring myself. 
Flow flow flow, be aware and conscious, take guided Action, there's no hurry, but we should at the same time not "wait" for BEing "ready" or for the "perfect time" in this expanding Now moment. All we are to do is listen to our true heart, listen to our feelings and inner guidance, follow our joy and passions, fearlessly and by BEing in our power.

I Love You <3 

September 12, 2014


Happy Friday to You <3
May You All have had a great week :)

September seem to be, just as we predicted, a month of releasing/letting go fully of what does not serve anymore so that a beautiful shift can happen. Whoa!, right? ;) We are moving in a rapid pace, for sure.
Many new revelations, ideas, and realizations come fourth now. For me, it has been so indeed. The full acceptance and embracing of what I truly AM, and what I truly want, and release any sort of doubts/beliefs/outer influences, and understanding that I do "deserve" it, we all do, just by existing. It requires centeredness, bravery, and trust in the Self to truly face what comes up that wants to be seen with awareness and in a conscious way. The only thing that matters in truth, is that we stay true to ourselves, not get caught up/affected by others/situations/information/beliefs that is not in full alignment with our New life in the Now. We will always know if it is aligned or not through trusting our feelings, our most precious tool. We are to release whatever that is not bringing us upliftment and joy. We shall not ignore or anything like that, we shall always embrace it and see what we can learn from it, then it is time to let go/release it in LOVE. 

Each and every one of us are the ones who are bringing fourth and anchoring the New Earth, in every moment, so by us BEing empowered, authentic, fearless and focused on our joys and passions fully, within deep presence and gratitude- we are living our purpose. The important thing is to never follow others, we must always go within and check if it truly resonates with our hears. 

Balance. Balance is truly everything, Mastery is Balance. So by us Balancing ourselves within, and therefor also Balance all our areas, parts, and aspects in life, we can be sure that we live our "purpose". Through each and everyone BEing in their Self Mastery, the planet is changing. 

There is so much to be enjoyed here, and so much to be grateful for. Open up the heart and mind, open up to Magic and Miracles that are beyond amazing. Through the Light of our Soul awareness, we open up to the limitless possibilities in the New, in the realm of eternal Love of One.

Wishing You a wonderful Friday and weekend, may it be absolutely filled with miracles, no matter how "small or big" ;P they are all equally beautiful when looked at though gratitude and presence. 

I Love You <3

September 11, 2014


Happy blissful day to You, I hope that You are having a lovely day <3
It is really starting to look and feel like fall here. Love all the colors!, and absolutely adore all the cute mushrooms <3 ;P Oh my.. Mother Nature sure is Magical <3

I found these beautiful treasures today. Two white fluffy feathers and three clear quartz stones. They carry such a pure Angel vibe <3 and are/will inspire me in my art and life. Nothing is random and everything is for a reason, as within so without, so by these coming into my life, I feel that they wish to serve with their amazing energies right Now. I AM so happy that these beauties popped up and wanted to be taken cared of. I did not expect to find anything so I did not have a bag or anything like that with me. As I took this photo beside the apple trees in the park, I spotted a brand new magenta pink little bag lying under a tree, so I got a bag to carry home my treasures in <3 To me, this is Magic indeed. When we embrace and align with our inner Magic through deep presence, gratitude, awareness, BEing conscious and staying true to our Self, we Create (attract) Magic and also notice it all around us.

Here are some pics of the beauty around here :) It all look so fairyland like!, right?
Beautiful colors, shapes, hearts ;P , everywhere. Love it <3 Brings fourth that inner Child. It brings such joy to be surrounded by Mother Natures miracles.

Wishing You so much Love. May You enjoy your own inner and outer Magic <3


Dear Ones <3 I started to create pendants out of raw clear quartz a while back. These are so very dear to me, the idea came to me in a meditation. They feel so pure. They are a representation/symbol of our inner Divine Spark; the individualized Spark of Source which is who we are, eternally and infinitely. Our natural and true state, which we always have deep within us at all times- is pure Love-Light. I wanted to bless them and capture in them the pure white-golden frequency of the Mahatma energy, which is pure illuminated Light. They carry the essence of true Love, purity and harmony. 
I feel such beautiful, Loving, gentle, soft, graceful energies of unity and Light when holding these dainty pendants. <3

More about these on my Art Blog