March 30, 2015

Equinox to Blood Moon Gateway, New Light, Shifts and Expansion

Happy Monday, beloved hearts <3
I hope you had a sweet weekend. We are in the Equinox to blood moon gateway and are still receiving/creating from within us amazing energies and new light which supports huge shifts and expansion. We are moving into a period of great opportunities and changes so the expansion, shifts, and "letting go" is what is making us more ready and receptive for it. 

It has been/is intense for the physical body, lots of rest and sleep may be needed to be able to integrate it all much easier and shift/merge timelines. Drinking lots of water helped me to ease the head aches from the amazing expansion there, and it is important for growing and programming our crystals in our bodies. 

There truly is such beautiful amazing intensity now and I AM honoring you all as we embrace this and bravely move deeper into the unknown/merged timelines/merging our multidimensional aspects here. This we do by living our essence, listening and trusting ourselves fully, and BEing within full faith.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

March 29, 2015

New Opportunities, Trust, Listen to Our Hearts

Beloved ones <3 I hope you are having a harmonious present moment. We are soon entering April and many of us feel the beautiful spring energies of new births. Birthing of new possibilities and creations. It is of tremendously great value for us to listen to our own heart, trust our hearts more than anything else. Our journeys are all very individual and unique as we are all on our own path, so there truly is never any need to do as others or trust them instead of simply trusting our own heart. 

Wonderful opportunities and ideas are coming into our lives. This time that we are moving into now are filled with possibilities for us. 
As we listen to- and trust our own hearts, we live more from our heart space and therefore we notice and seize many opportunities. We are bringing forth new earth from within us, we are transmitting it all from our heart space. 

Beautiful keys here is to have patience, moments in silence and stillness, be within full trust and faith. It is so simple and there is no need to be conditional on ourselves or anyone about needing to be/think/act a certain way or do certain things or reaching a certain frequency within us to then be "worthy" of things and of our true hearts dreams and desires. It is about having faith in the perfection of the universe, trust that all is for our highest good and all comes in perfect divine moments. We are shifting and merging timelines that supports our current state. 

Blessings, dear hearts. Enjoy this most beautiful and exiting time, stay true to yourself and live your essence. We are BEcoming the new golden HUmans who simply live our truth within divine Love, divine light, divine peace, and divine grace. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

March 20, 2015

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Dear ones, I made this pudding yesterday, it was my first time making chia pudding 
and I AM so happy I tried it because it is absolutely delicious <3 

Chocolate Chia Pudding
Serves 2

3 dl/1 1/4 cup rice milk (or use almond milk)
3.5 tbsp chia seeds
2.5-3 tbsp cacao
1 tbsp honey or agave
a dash of vanilla
a dash of pink Himalayan salt

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, divide into two small serving glasses or bowls.
Refrigerate for at least an hour, or over night.
Serve with fruit, berries, nuts, chocolate shavings/chips, or shredded coconut. I used cherries.

Enjoy <3

Happy Super Moon Total Eclipse of Equinox Sun

Happy Super Moon total Eclipse of Equinox Sun, and Friday to you, beloved hearts <3 Wow, a lot is going on, lol;) Today, March 20th, we get a new moon only 14 hours after reaching its closest point to Earth in its orbit, which means this moon is a super moon. This has a very strong effect on us. This super moon also creates a solar eclipse as it gets right in front of the Equinox Sun today. The eclipse actually amplifies in a grand way the Equinox energies which are coming in through the Sun, and our inner Sun. One.

The Equinox gateway is a very potent one, I and many sense it may be the most intensely experienced one in years. I AM feeling the intensity and activations deeply, a lot is shifting and I AM feeling that new levels of Mastery and vibrational frequency is emerging/BEcoming. Opening up to so much pure divine REmembrance of perfection and wholeness of all in Creation through BEing within simplicity and no labeling in any area. 

The energies we receive (create from within us) produce amazing activations for us. 
It is of course unique to all what they will experience and go through in this. So we shall just stay open, present, calm and centered, to allow ourselves to have a most beneficial experience. Embrace whatever comes up and trust ourselves fully.
This super intense and potent period now may call for utter stillness, allow ourselves to take extra moments to relax and rest, if we so feel guided. These energies and activations are powerful and can be extra intense for our physical bodies more than our inner- as there we are fully ready and able to handle these sort of things. 
So listen to the body, listen to what it needs, take care and nurture it in excellent ways. <3

Wishing you wonderful eclipse and Equinox experiences, sweet ones <3 and wishing you a magical Friday and weekend.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

March 18, 2015

Trust, Empowerment from Within, Soul Integration

Beloved hearts, I hope you are having a lovely day <3 

There lies such immense power and beauty in Trust. Trusting our Self as Source, our feelings, our intuition, and our experiences fully. BE within full faith, and full empowerment from within as a Unified (divine remembrance of our true self) HUman. Full empowerment, and take responsibility for our selves, words, thoughts, actions, deeds, experiences, and whole lives makes us able to move into new timelines who support our intentions and things we wish to experience for the enjoyment of it. 

We can easily see where we are in empowerment and Soul integration by observing our relationships, if they are somehow repetitive and seem to have something in common with each other that we wish were different, and also how much egoic desires we have of wanting to talk and explain, give opinions, and need to say our "thing". The more we can simply observe, allow, BE, BE within divine neutrality and feel pure enjoyment by having full allowance and appreciation and embacing of all and everything, just as it is in the moment, no need to explain, defend, discuss, prove ourselves and/or others, get away from it or hide or run. 

Living within full responsibility and empowerment in our own lives. This makes us simply live our truth, our essence, and our Love. BEing Love expressed and in action. Let our lives, and whole BEing express our truth and our divinity, but for ourselves as Source, and not for others, as we truly have nothing to prove to anyone whatsoever, One. So very beautifully blissfully peacefully simple it is in truth, right here and now in these beautiful physical vehicles. Living grace divine. Creating for the pure enjoyment of it, existing for the sake of and wonder of existing. Embracing it all.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

March 5, 2015

Happy Full Moon

Happy full Moon <3 Today I saw the first ladybug for the spring, I have never seen one this early of the year before so this little one was such a precious messenger on this day, and I will let this red lady be the Full Moon inspiration. 

It brings luck of course, that's what ladybugs do lol, and it brings a message of happy times, enjoying and honoring change, which is constant of course, beginnings of new phases and chapters, releasing worries and have faith that everything flows in perfect pace, there's no need to push or try too hard in anything. When our wishes and desires is for our higher good and complements our journey at this time, we will bring them into our lives through going with our feelings and taking guided action. If it is not time yet and it will distract us, we will get it a bit later. 

Honor and live our truth, stay fully true to ourselves and live our essence. Living Love and truth is simple, no need to make it complicated and be conditional on ourselves or anyone. Transmit from within, the surroundings follow. Breathe it in/out/trough the whole BEing. Know, BE.. your unique Universe of Self as source. 

Enjoy these exquisite Full Moon energies, dear Sparks. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3