August 22, 2013


The pineal gland is your spiritual antenna, and is also responsible for producing melatonin and serotonin, which helps you avoid depression.

The pineal gland is also known as the 3rd eye. Unfortunately, for most of us, the pineal gland has shrunk, atrophied and become deactivated. Peoples pineal glands are heavily calcified. It ends up becoming so calcified that under scans it is seen as a lump of calcium, essentially blinding our third eye. This has been largely achieved through the introduction of fluoride into the drinking water and toothpaste which despite the deceptive propaganda, does not help teeth and actually accumulates in the pineal gland, contributing to its calcification. The other culprit is calcium supplementation, which basically consists of ground-up fossils or bones converted into powdered capsules. This kind of calcium is toxic for the body (it comes from dead matter not living plants) and also leads to calcification.

David Wilcock - Explains The Pineal Gland

How to fix your Pineal Gland: 

Avoid: Vaccines. Fluoride in water, toothpaste etc. Mercury in deodorant. Pesticides. Other toxins. Sugar. Caffeine. Alcohol. Tobacco. Calcium supplement. (A great and safe calcium supplement is Barley grass).

Get 30 minutes of sunlight trough the eyes every day.

Alcaline diet: raw food/vegan/vegetarian.


MSM powder. Read about 7 benefits of msm here:


Chaga Mushroom



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