Lina Louise

Loving, living, and sharing within sacred Love. I am an artist, I create jewelry, ornaments, paintings, and whatever else I feel to make. I am a lover, a mama to my little chihuahua, I make and eat pure plant based food, and starting this year to grow my own food too. I enjoy practicing yoga and belly dance. Hiking in nature, run, sun gaze, and simply enjoy what life has to offer me.

I do my best to stay true to- and listen to myself and follow my heart. I live simple and deeply present, less is more to me.
I have an awareness of my inner spark, my eternal god-light, and through this I feel Loved, empowered, safe, supported, free and supported from within me.

I feel that we ourselves are the ones to give things meaning, we always have a choice how we see things. I choose to bring a good and amazing reason for doing what I feel like doing, no matter what it is, this brings me so much inner peace and strength, it opens up to so much Magic and miracles. 

Expect the unexpected, dream bigger than ever before. Know your freedom and right to abundance on all planes simply because you exist.

Pure allowance, embrace each moment, and embrace change, this makes us able to move into another reality which supports us in living our essence and Magic even more, it supports us in living in accordance to highest authority. 

Let us honor and enjoy our own uniqueness, it is through embracing the diversity in All that we move into true Unity and co-creation with each other. 

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