August 19, 2013


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Through Caroline K.A.

Dearest ones, In regards to channeled messages, there is no harm in asking to speak with a specific light being, but may we remind you, we are all one, and as Archangel MIchael has specifically mentioned this concept to our scribe, and to many of you, we shall repeat it once again. When one is channeling, we, your galactic brothers and sisters, the Company of Heaven, the Ascended Masters, your angels and allies, are all here with you.  Remember, there is no separation.  There may be specific topics, or questions to which different beings of light are better prepared to answer on, and they will gladly jump in, and answer you with love, and eagerness in order to help your beloved souls in the further understanding of what is happening within yourself, and around your world at this time. There is no separation dear hearts, only unity and love within all beings of light, and yes, the dark too, for all beings have angels and allies who accompany them on their journey back to source.  You have all been there at one time or another, light, as well as dark.  Unity and unconditional love brings all of us together, and this is so. As you discover within your journey throughout this present lifetime, and your ascension process, it can indeed become difficult at times when you feel emotionally, and spiritually blocked, by what you have learned, or have been programmed to accept throughout your lives in the way of illusory ideas, perceptions and ways of beings. We encourage you to look deeply into this belief system you have acquired for there is much learning and enlightenment to be done within the mists of density and illusion. The illusion is gradually fading, and many of you are experiencing this throughout your daily lives and with the people you interact with.  Is it not fascinating to see and acknowledge within yourselves, when you realize, “I don’t react to this anymore, and it doesn’t bother me a bit?”  Situations and circumstances which at one time pushed your buttons, simply have no effect on you now.  Drama has little effect on you, and this dear hearts, is tremendous progress.  These are the internal changes we are referring too. Your planet is changing as well.  The degree of light energies which are infiltrating your planet is indeed causing havoc in some areas of your world, and within certan individauls.  These are areas such as your middle East, and other areas of turmoil where the negative forces continue to resist, and this causes a degree of unsettlement which may seem detrimental to the divine restoration of Gaia, and to the return of peace to your world.  Let us assure you, this is not the case. This is part of the cleansing process which so many are undergoing at this time, at different degrees, and within various levels of experience and understanding.  There are individuals who cannot hold the great amounts of light within their bodies.  It is so powerful, the negative energies within them (the abominable programing they have been subjected too) drives them mad. Unfortunately, there are outrageous acts of violence from these individuals.  A degree of insanity yes, and your public knowledge of these acts leaves a film of despair for many who are wondering, is change really occurring?  Many ask us, how could an act, so cruel, so evil, possible occur, and why would innocent people fall victim to it? These souls who have come directly underfoot within the chaos, the victims of madness, and in a sense they are for they may not remember the agreement they made before entering this lifetime, or the experiences they chose as catalysts in the bringing together of humanity, and in the unification of love and light throughout your world, are truly the brave and most courageous of all. We understand, this is a hard concept to grasp, and we will refrain from further discussion of this topic, for the moment.  We only mention this to you in hopes of restoring faith within yourselves, and all humanity, for there are many wonderful, phenomenal occurrences within your world, and great strides are taken everyday to ensure the light prevails, always, and it will dear hearts. It has already begun. We ask that you pay attention to the people of Gaia as they come together during times of crisis, as one, and this is the way it should be.  We are one, in love and light.  We support one another, through all times of crisis, equally so in times of joy and happiness.  Love is what unifies you.  There is no separateness.  There never was, and in order to carry on with the spreading of love and light, we need you to believe this with all your hearts. This is the effect of the great many catalysts who have often given their lives to remind you of this great bond of love all of humanity has for each other.  It is to instill this love within your communities, in loving union withn the hearts of all.  These brave souls are indeed glorious, as are each and every one of you dear souls. There are those witin your own family lineages whom you remember as having had a great impact in shaping who you are today.  They too, where loving catalysts and teachers sent to you in this life time for specific lessons you were to learn, as well as you too, will be catalysts to others.  You see, we are all learning from each other. We also realize there are times when you feel closed off, stuck and perhaps at a standstill in your spiritual journey and may we remind you this is also another lesson in  itself to be learned from if you chose to do so. A most wonderful aspect of this current lifetime, and all lifetimes for that matter is, each moment is an opportunity for further growth and learning. Each experience you chose to embark on, is a your choice which will give you further understanding to your purpose here at this time.  In feeling stuck, or as if you are not moving forward at the rate you would like to go, which in human terms is usually fast, means there is more to look at within your beautiful selves.  It’s a lull period for further introspection within your hearts which is vital for the infiltration of light into your beings, and your ascension process. There is always more to see and understand, more to explore from within, for you are vast and endless as many of you are well aware of now.   For this reason we repeatedly encourage you to go within your hearts as often as possible, on a daily basis.  We cannot stress the importance of this dear ones. In regards to your awakening, since our scribe has asked us to elaborate on this topic, we say, fast is not the recommended way to go.  Many we have heard, want to awaken now.  What is taking so long you ask?  Where is the evidence of change, and this glorious awakening so many have talked about? It is here dear ones, within you.  Look, and you will see.  Feel with all your hearts and you will know.  Many of you may be experiencing heavy resurfacing issues at this time, and rightly so because they are the biggest most difficult issues at hand, and they will keep resurfacing, again and again, just as this scribe is experiencing until they are dealt with.  These issues however cumbersome, are indeed a blessing for they are the key which will unlock your freedom, and your divine truth. You are all so close, so very close to your awakening, and some of you have already initiated the process.  Love is everywhere dear hearts.  Open your own hearts and let it in.  Let is wash away the illusions of duality, and your light will come forth in all its glory, and your truth will shine in it’s brightest form. If you feel nothing is happening, then look at what is repeatedly circling around you in the way of drama, or issues.  What lessons keep coming back again and again?  Do they seem louder than before, are they, shall we say, in your face?  If so, these issues are screaming for your attention, and if you feel so inclined to do so, deal with them.  Focus from within your hearts, how you can truly resolve these issues, release them forever and carry on with your truth.  Dear ones, allow yourselves to rise to your greatest potential.  You are not small and insignificant as you have been led to believe. You are creators of love and light, there is nothing you can’t accomplish, but you must believe with all your hearts, this is the truth upon all truth.  It is so. Your are grand dear ones!  We are brimming with love and happiness as our scribe writes our words to you.  She too is experiencing blocks wich have kept her from discovering her own truth.  You see, this life time is about learning, growth and sharing with others, as a community of love and light. It is a time of change, freedom, and courage.  For this reason we say to you again, forget any illusion of separateness from God, from the angels, your guides, and your star brothers and sisters.  This perhaps was the greatest illusion of all. Let it be known, it is false, and it always was. You are all needed in active participation in the ascension of your planet, and above all it is about the retaining of your freedom, as individuals and as a collective, it’s about retaining your personal power, your truth, and the restoration of Gaia to her most pristine condition. It is a monumental task, but let it be known we are always with you. We are the Guardians of Light, and we are doing our part too, without interfering with the free will of others.  We commend you dear brothers and sisters.  We shall speak again soon.

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