September 6, 2013


(NaturalNews) Nature really does give us the best cures for our health. There are many fruits and vegetables that do wonderful things for our health. One such fruit is the cucumber. The cucumber is a very diversified fruit; not only can it do great things for the inside of our bodies, but it is beneficial for the body's exterior as well. Apart from being a fruit that is great to eat, the cucumber has other awesome uses.

Good For The Body

Cucumbers are a great source of B vitamins. Apart from that, they are made of about 95 percent water, making them a great fruit to help hydrate the body. When the body gets good hydration, it can eliminate toxins, which is good for the kidneys and liver as well. Since cucumbers with their skin have most of the amount of daily vitamins that a body needs, it is a good idea to eat them as snacks.

Good For Long Term Health

Cucumbers contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol; these are called lignans, and they work in combination to help the body fight off cancer. So, cucumbers have the ability to help a person fight cancers like ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer.

Cucumbers can also help with other issues as well. There is a hormone found in cucumbers that can help the pancreas produce insulin. Since that is a huge issue with diabetic patients, cucumbers could be beneficial to people who have diabetes. There is also a compound in cucumbers that can help lower cholesterol levels, and because cucumbers are rich in potassium, fiber, and magnesium, they can help a person regulate their blood pressure.

Cucumbers are very rich in a vitamin called silica. Silica helps promote health, because it can give strength to connective tissues such as joints. Since that is the case, cucumbers can help people who suffer with ailments such as arthritis pain, joint pain and gout.

Good For Life

Numerous other studies have been done that prove that cucumbers are also good for digestion, weight loss and bad breath; it has even been found to help with hangovers as well. Cucumbers can be used in the home for things like cleaning foggy mirrors, and they can also help with squeaky doors.

Since there are so many wonderful uses for cucumbers, and they have no adverse side effects, it is really only to a person's benefit to start eating cucumbers and using them regularly in their daily lives.



September 5, 2013


The entire month of September will be perfect for attracting abundance in all areas of our lives, we have been cultivating our inner balance as well as our spirituality the previous months and now it is finally time to reap what we sow, so if we know how to channel these powerful energies, we will find ourselves submerged into an infinite stream of abundance and Love, we just have to know what we want, put intention into it and send the rocks of our desires to the universe, the rest will come as we keep moving. <3

New Moon in Virgo ~ Embodying our True Essence to Manifest Abundance

This New Moon in Virgo will be a very powerful one in terms of putting in action all we have learnt before, we took a time for our own selves, we learnt how to listen to our Soul and know what we truly want and now it is the time to put all this into practice, we also planted our wishes to manifest them now. We have been through two Grand Trines in this intense summer and also a very powerful Full Blue Moon in Aquarius on August 20 which boosted us into a state of creativity and a reconnection stage with our intuition and soul, so we could finally discovered our most inner desires and dreams. All the astrological events during this summer and the last Full Moon were all about looking within, healing past wounds and reconnecting again with our Souls, so in this New Moon in Virgo everything is about directing all that we have been learning during all this time into something prosperous and more pragmatic, we have to put into action all the things we have been meditating in order to create abundance, love and physical balance in our lives as we are humans after all and the main thing is to embody all of our Divine attributes into our human lives. In this New Moon we give birth again to ourselves, as we are constantly evolving and ascending, we become empowered by who we truly are and embrace our true essence without fearing of expressing the wondrous souls we truly are.

Virgo rules everything that has to do with work, money, and external power, so it will help us a lot to empower ourselves so we can have the necessary strength for ascending at our own pace, as ascension is an eternal process and we all need our own space and time to keep evolving. The entire month of September will be perfect for attracting abundance in all areas of our lives, we have been cultivating our inner balance as well as our spirituality the previous months and now it is finally time to reap what we sow, so if we know how to channel these powerful energies, we will find ourselves submerged into an infinite stream of abundance and love, we just have to know what we want, put intention into it and send the rocks of our desires to the universe, the rest will come as we keep moving.

The New Moon on September 5 will take place at 13 degrees Virgo, the Sun will shine in Virgo as well to the Fall Equinox on September 22nd. It will trine Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Jupiter in Cancer and even if Virgo is a sensitive sign, it is even more pragmatic and perfectionist, and this linked to the fact that Capricorn is a very organized sign and together with the presence of Cancer, will give us the necessary strength and motivation to move on with our daily tasks and to seek balance not only in our Souls but also in our errands as September is going to be a perfect month for collecting the seeds we once planted and receiving everything we were waiting for in terms of abundance in all its forms, not only when dealing with money but also by receiving all the love we have been sharing and everything that will make us grow in all senses not only in a financial one. The strongest astrological event that will make us feel even rational will be Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in harmony with the Virgo New Moon, these planets are the perfect combination to obtain a wealthy life and to attract success as well as all the money we may need to start our new projects and other things we have in mind. Another important aspect will be the one formed by the waxing sextile between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, helping us to release the old so we could make room for the new to come into our lives, so we can finally discover our true potential and create the perfect conditions for new possibilities and opportunities to come.

A very important aspect on this New Moon is the Asteroid and Healer, Chiron, which is in Pisces, opposing the Sun and the Moon, and this will give us intuition, sensitivity and also the opportunity to heal all the wounds we still have in our hearts. Chiron can make our most inner feelings come to the surface, as fears, insecurities etc.., but it is always a good moment, as Chiron is the wounded healer, to purify our minds and hearts and release all that is no longer serving us into the ascension process as well as our inner balance. Another relevant event on this New Moon is the planet Ceres, another Healer and provider, who is together with the Sun and Mercury in Virgo at the beginning of this month. Ceres, from the ancient times, was the Roman name for Demeter, and Demeter means : the mother, the ones who nurtures, the one who makes everything grows and provides abudance, so here we have another important synchronicity that tells us about September being a perfect month to start new things and to collect abundance in our lives.

It is also a very good moment for relationships to flourish as Venus will be in Libra, and it will be semi-sextile Mercury in Virgo, which is perfect for resolving old differences and start again our relationships with a fresh air until September 11, in which Venus will be in Scorpio and we could finally find the excitement and the required passion in our relationships. Mercury will help us as well to focus ourselves more on love and in our relationships by entering in Libra on September 9. Another positive event that will also benefit us is the Grand square that Mercury in Libra forms with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto on September 14-19 by which we will feel peace, balance and love for ourselves, helping us to grow from within so we could start other relationships as well. I feel it will be a good time to talk with some people from our past and heal all of our past issues with them as well as restart relationships that have been stagnant for a time and that now will be a great moment to meet again if it is meant to be and come to an agreement.

Respect, treat and love yourself as the wondrous Divine being that you are, know that your presence on Earth is irreplaceable, that the world would never be the same without your own creation and light. Be brave to be who you really are, express your soul and share its unique message, and let the world hears you, let us enjoy the magnificent being that you are. It is time to be strong, to know what we want and to go for it, the whole universe is waiting for you to simply give the first step, do not worry about the details, they will fall into place at the right time. Do your Soul´s mission, the world will benefit from it, speak your truth and begin to manifest the Divine lovelight that you are and by doing so you will obtain everything that you need and desire, just be YOU.

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September 3, 2013


Yum!! <3

September 2, 2013


A Test of Integrity


Sarah Varcas

Throughout the coming week Mars, Saturn and Neptune ask to what extent do we live according to our insight, wisdom and fundamental beliefs? In other words, how far does our exterior life reflect our inner life and vice versa? These are vital questions for this time, because the integrity of our lives, our conduct and our commitment to truth is under cosmic scrutiny right now and any area in which we are found wanting – by proclaiming one thing but doing the other, judging others before we take ourselves in hand or simply by lacking the will to change in the ways we say we want to – will be under pressure throughout the coming month.
It’s important, however, that we make no assumptions about the outcome of this exercise. If, on reflection, we identify that whilst we say we want to change we seem to be making very little effort to do anything differently, that doesn’t necessarily mean we need to make a start. It might mean that we don’t actually want to change in the ways we say we do. Actions frequently speak louder than words and whilst it’s easy to find all kinds of reasons for not doing what we say we want to, the truth of the matter may simply be that we don’t actually want what we say we want after all. Which then begs the question… why did we think we wanted it in the first place?!
Which is really the crux of the issue highlighted by the heavens this week, because if we don’t really know why we want what we say we want, we won’t really know if we want it! Desire is a strange thing and can be almost contagious in its influence. If enough people around us want something we may get on board without even realising it! When the collective energy field is awash with desire, envy and competitive ownership it can be hard not to get sucked into the same dynamic no matter how detached from it we perceive ourselves to be. And with spiritual materialism just as rife in our culture as the economic kind these days, we can easily be swept along in the latest teaching, the newest spiritual practice or healing technique, the latest teacher on the scene without taking a moment to ask whether this is what we really want. Do we really resonate with this, or are we just being pulled by the rip tide of other peoples’ desire?
It’s a difficult one because the desire for acceptance and inclusion can powerfully influence the things in which we invest our longing, making it tough to break away from places, people, teachings and practices with which we do not truly resonate. There can be a great sense of community within groups of like-minded supportive people, but take a step away from the prevailing discourse of the group and that can change in an instant! It’s only a small but often very painful step from insider to outsider in such circumstances, and we may lack the robustness we need to make the leap. So we stay in the fold, not quite comfortable, not really engaged, but at least accepted and affirmed.
However, September is THE month to change this. If we’re in the wrong place, surrounded by the wrong people affirming the wrong things, we need to get up and walk. It may take courage, it may invoke some conflict, we may be criticised or rejected, but still it needs to be done. There is no more time to invest our energy in what we don’t really want just because it’s safer that way. Unless, of course, what we really want is the safety of being accepted and remaining unchallenged. And if that’s the case, that’s fine too, but we need to be honest about it. We need to face up to our motivations and recognise what’s really driving the choices we make, because in doing so we can assess just how aligned our inner and outer lives are and begin to take action accordingly.
The coming month is one of realignment, during which the integrity of the fabric of our lives will be tested. This week we have the opportunity to stay ahead of the game and test it ourselves to discover exactly what it is we really want and how to best go about getting it.
Enjoy the week everyone!
Sarah Varcas

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You have all the answers within your beautiful heart. Be still.. feel the Peace, and listen.


September 1, 2013



EVERY SUNDAY at 11.11 pm Cairo time, there is an IMPORTANT MEDITATION, coordinated WORLDWIDE, aimed at ROOTING DIVINE LIGHT ON EARTH and directing it towards areas of conflict. Together we will form a UNITED CONSIOUSNESS and send a huge wave of LOVE & LIGHT out unto the world that CAN help save lives and create a new world rooted in JOY!  Hope you decide to participate and to help us spread the word! 


When meditating as a group, we create a group-attunement in heart, mind, and intention. This creates the potential for group synergy – a multiplying effect of our individual energies. The group becomes like a crystal bowl which can create vibrational resonance throughout the world. The group heart and mind have a resonating effect upon the hearts and minds of all humanity and an act healing agent. The group energy, group consciousness and group resonance bring Love and Light and spiritual power into the world.

We are all doing this activation at 11 hours 11 minutes pm Cairo time on every Sunday. This equals 11:11 pm in Central Europe, 10:11 pm in UK, 5:11 pm EDT, 4:11 pm CDT, 3:11 MDT and 2:11 PDT. For other locations and other time zones, you can see this link:

Video instrucions here: 
Weekly Worldwide Peace Meditation - YouTube

Strongly declare aloud with absolute confidence as if giving a command to the Universe:


1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body

3. Visualize that Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly into the Syria conflict, the Egypt liberation process, prison camps of North Korea and all other unresolved situations on the planet, filling them with Light and eliminating all darkness which exists there

4. Ask the Goddess presence (divine feminine) to come through your body

5. Ask that Goddess presence to direct energies of peace and harmony to all those unresolved situations and everyone involved in them. Allow that energy to flow through your heart and then through your hands into those situations for a few minutes

Goddess wants peace and freedom so peace and freedom will come.


Please post it on your websites and blogs. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually save human lives. Read more about it here:

Weekly Planetary Liberation Meditation:

Feel called to do more? Have a look here maybe:

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Happy September 1st sweet friends!!
Feelings of Peace, Joy, Bliss and Magic is very much present in this beautiful Now.
May September bring blissful miracles, and your true heart's desires, and so it is.

<3 <3 <3