November 19, 2013


Dear Family of Love  Change is in the air, we are asked to look Deep into ourselves, dig up all that needs to be let go of, so we can take in the New. Look at all aspects of our lives and decide how much Control we can let go of. And with all this change and decision making that is being more and more amplified can come a feeling of not beeing able to stay on the "merry go round", and it only spins faster and faster. So what to do? Let Go....
We can find Peace by focusing on grounding ourselves, with activities that makes us happy and makes the heart sing, things that bring us a feeling of Relaxation, Love, Joy and Freedom. Take good care of your physical body, it needs all the Love and Care it can get.
So, Wonderful Light Beings that you are, Let go.. focus on things that makes you oh-so-happy, and let the peace of your stillness guide you.
I Love You 

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