November 26, 2013


Hi, most beautiful beings! 
Hope you are having a lovely day. Today I want to share my thoughts on ascension. If you truly are serious about ascending here on Earth, you first and foremost must realize that you already are perfect. Yes, You are Perfect! Stop projecting the ascension process on "external" happenings, beings, teachings and circumstances. The only thing that must be focused on is Soul embodiment. Bring fourth your Soul into the physical, embody and live it through all that you do. We are here to live an earthly life, feel it as our home, because that's what we have chosen. To come here, and bring into this reality the Divine Soul Wisdom that we are. There's no need for angels, ascended masters and whatever we are communicating with to Become ascended. We already have all the answers and wisdom, through Soul awareness. Nothing will change if we look "outside" for it. So you are Perfect!, and when realizing that all that is needed is to embody your Soul, your Truth, you feel the perfection of it all. Stop waiting for energies and teachings and things like that, and understand that you, as a cosmic being of Divine Love, have all the guidance and power you ever need within. BE you, Create, Live your Truth, Enjoy the great eternal Now. I Love You, Lina Louise

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