December 4, 2013


The Greatest lessons in this lifetime for those currently opening themselves to the Cosmic Energies is the lesson of BALANCE. It is the full integration and balance of the masculine and feminine energies WITHIN oneself – thus that balance between the Yin/Yang. If you look at the symbol of Yin/Yang, then see how it is perfectly balanced. Now imagine this being the very core of a vast vortex like energy, which is spinning like a wheel. You all know that a flat tyre, for instance, on a car unbalances the car and you cannot go on driving with a flat wheel.
The same is when our masculine and feminine energies are not perfectly balanced – that is like driving a car with two flat wheels – you will feel bogged down and not being able to move. When both are fully integrated one become WHOLE and BALANCED.
It is only then, that one truly can step up into the Christed Being on truly IS!
With is the BEING steeped with the threefold flame of Love, Power and Wisdom.
-Judith Kusel

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