December 12, 2013


Divine Beings of Love <3 
We are in a shift right now, and we have wild and crazy times ahead of us, there will be major happenings here on planet Earth starting this Christmas, in one way or another. I believe many feel this.. And also according to the stars, things will start to happen. So in order to balance these masculine wild and crazy energies that will trigger all this, we can bring in the feminine Venus energy into the center of our being. Be in the Heart Space. Have Self Awareness. Stay Clear and as the Knower. Remain calm and steady. We are infinite multidimensional beings, having the honor to be here Now on Mother Earth to birth a new world, a world of Love, Joy, Magic, Freedom and Abundance for all those who wish to experience this on their unique Soul Journey. 
Have complete acceptance, compassion and non-judgement of Self and all others. Live your Truth, be your True Self, and know that you are perfect.
Enjoy the eternal journey you are on, dear brothers and sisters, and always allow more Love into your heart. 
There will always be More :) <3
May you all have a wonderful, joyful, calm and peaceful Christmas. 

I Love You

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  1. It's true more people that ever are awaking, I'm still at the begging of my journey but it's been amazing to have my eyes open up!