January 6, 2014


Hi, beloved Sisters and Brothers! 
Last night I finally watched this video by Polona, where she talks about Enlightened Relationships in the New. I Enjoyed every bit of it, I must admit  
Some things she said that I feel would be good to bring with us is that as Powerful beings of Source, we must trust that All already have what it takes and what they need within, always. We need to learn to trust that Everyone is perfectly guided for themselves and their unique Soul journey.
In true Oneness and Harmony, everybody is free to Be whatever they feel to be in this Now moment. Everybody needs to feel what they feel.
There is no New relationship paradigm without authenticity, in this we understand that we are not here to please others and we are not truly kind if we are doing things only to please ourselves. Ego can be disguised as negative or overly positive. Some think they're only good if they please another, which is not true, we don't have value from that. We have value just from Being, from existing.
This is such Truth to me, I really do believe this is some of what we must understand to truly Be in Oneness.

I Love You 

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