January 1, 2014


Let's start this New year by opening up to, and embody even more Divine Love.
Every Now moment is fresh and New, we get to choose what we bring into it. So let's not just bring in the New on the last day of the year when the clock hits midnight, let's actively create New Now Moments at all times!, and experience them in Awareness.
May you have moments in Grace, Joy, Harmony, Health, Ease and Compassion.
We are One, creating in this ever expanding Now a world of Love and Plenty.

It is Time for the New :)
More Mmmagic
More Joy

Thank you for everything you have brought to the world this past year by allowing yourself to shed layer after layer, and allowing the process of the emergence of the You that is the real You. With this, you have started to radiate your Truth, and contribute with your light. As Our Golden light expands and get stronger, we start to affect the world around us in a beautiful way. Together, in the BEing of all that we are, we are creating the New.

As within, so without.

We are all on our unique soul journeys, sharing and expanding together here on earth, opening to One Divine Love. Becoming One Golden Family <3

Wishing You soooo much Love and Bliss <3

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