February 11, 2014



Becoming Crystalline <3 When all twelve DNA strands are activated we become our Pure Cosmic Self. We are going from a carbon based DNA to a carbon silica form. 
In order for our bodies to hold this, it must be cleansed and cleared as much as possible, on the outside and inside, all the bodies. When we clear the metals out of the body by eating, and only use products that's Actually Good for us we are activating this process. Organic, Living food such as vegetables and fruit, and natural organic products for our body maintenance is a crucial component for starting this process.

A little tip: A great alternative to a couple unhealthy products, that sadly enough many people use, which is normal toothpaste (which contains fluoride and other bad stuff ), and deodorant (which contains aluminum) is Organic Coconut Oil!!, it can be used for almost anything lol!, I've used it a long time for brushing my teeth and as a "deodorant". It works beautifully! It can also be used as moisturizer for the whole body, as make up remover, hair mask, the list goes on:) It's also very good for the inside of the body of course.

I Love You <3

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