February 15, 2014


Happy Saturday!, beloved Family of Light <3 Enjoy every moment as much as You can. In truth there is no time, all is happening in this Now. So by truly understanding that- we see how absolutely perfect and important this very moment is, this is an important piece of the puzzle. So therefor absolutely nothing is missing or incomplete because without this exact moment in your multidimensional Beingness it wouldn't be in perfect balance. We are to embrace this very reality right Now, and within awareness and responsibility- feel and take action whenever we are inspired to. When we enjoy and Create in Love in our unique way, when we make our heart sing- we are letting the Love flow through us into the physical reality. With this we are radiating an energy of upliftment and therefor serving the collective. 
Trust that all is always being worked out for the highest good of all involved. You always have the option to go to that place inside of You where complete stillness resides, where you find your balance and harmony. Know that when You are balanced, everything comes in perfect Divine Timing. You get exactly what You need for your expansion in every new now moment, nothing less and nothing more. 
I AM enjoying the absolutely amazing experience of being in this unique physical reality. To feel. To taste. To smell. To listen. To touch. To see. To express. To create. To give birth of mySelf every day.
Wishing YOU a magical day:)

I Love You <3

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