February 14, 2014


Happy Valentines Day and Full Moon in Leo!, Beloved Ones <3 From my heart I AM sending YOU Divine Love, Bliss, and Magic <3 Enjoy this beautiful day here on planet Gaia to the fullest <3 What an honor it is to have the privilege to be Here right Now. Be the true You, who moves forward in Ease and Grace. Listen to your heart, trust it. Make your heart sing with pure Joy <3 Let us Be Love, let us have Love for every other being and all the nature, today and every day. Let Love constantly flow through You by creating with it, in your unique way <3 Leave behind situations or experiences that no longer serves You, and move on to what is meaningful for You Now.
Know that everything you wish to create in the physical that is for the Highest Good, is already done and present within your heart. Can you feel it?, it is as pure and clear as crystal <3 
Let us celebrate True Love, the Love that is Pure and Real <3

<3 Right Here, Right Now <3

I Love You <3

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