February 24, 2014


Happy Day to You <3 I AM wishing You a day filled with much Love, Harmony, Joy, and Contentment in every new Now moment. Enjoy this day here on planet Gaia as much as You can. Be YOU, let the Love from your inner Spark flow to everything You think, do, say, create, eat, and to everyone You interact with. 
Let us have deep compassion and respect for all beings. 
In this Now we are whole and complete, absolutely nothing is missing. We feel this when we truly embrace every New Now experience, and always set our intention to surrender to our Authentic Self as it is revealed. We know the real Power that exists within oneSelf when we know our True Self. 
Know that all will come in its own perfect Divine Timing, and will be for the Highest Interest of all concerned. 
I AM enjoying my inner Magic, which can never run dry. With Purity and Magic within, we notice Magic everywhere.

I Love You <3

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