February 20, 2014


Hi, Beautiful Beings of Love! Now with the North Node in Libra, the focus lies a lot on relationships, we are asked to choose more wisely as we seek for more meaningful relationships. The emphasis now is that we will accommodate and place the wellbeing of the partnership and the partner above all else, but we must remember that oneSelf is one half of any relationship we are in, the relationship must be Fair and Just for us if it is to be Lovingly True for both.

<3 Love, Harmony, Balance, Beauty, Fairness, Justice, Equality. <3

North Node into Libra. February 17, 2014 by Bill Attride

The Way of your Becoming is shifting once again...

For you have made yourself and this world too...long, long ago.

Following ancient pathways, and guided by those who went before,

You are the Awakening Ones...

Dream Walkers weaving Energies into marvelous Matter-Forms.

Riding wave upon wave, surfing the vast oceans of Eternity,

Your Thought-Forms thrill and resonate through Time & Space.

You are lifted by Hope and Faith...bounded by Fear and Doubt.

But it is you and your companions who have made this,

You and they have made what you were, are and will forever Be.

So be not afraid.

Though memory fails you and much is Lost, veiled by Mystery and Time,

This forgetting is but for a while, and is a gift to you, a blessing in disguise...

For you begin each life anew, unburdened by what you cannot yet face.

But Know this, Your Future is Glorious, waiting upon you and your becoming.

And, all that matters...is this moment. This most Precious NOW. For this is the only space of Freedom that will ever be, the only time that you will find that you can make a choice...and you must choose wisely now.

A wondrous but hidden significator of your Journey of Choices is made by the intersection of two Great Circles of Life, the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the orbit of the Moon around the Earth. These two integral symmetries of meaning meet in Space, and they form by so doing two opposite points where their orbits intersect which are called the North and South Nodes of the Moon.

These moving fulcrums are the points in space at which the Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned to one another within the same spatial plane, all three as one with one another. Every month as the Moon crosses over the North Node it moves above that plane, and whenever it moves over the South Node it goes below it. But twice a year, when all three bodies align on these points you are witness to a wondrous display.

You "see" this intersection and movement whenever the Sun, Moon and Earth move into these nodes for it is then that you experience a Solar or Lunar Eclipse, as all three Lords become aligned with one another and so illustrate quite dramatically and beautifully their integral relationship with one another.

These Nodal Points in Space move around the Zodiac in about 18.5 years, moving "backwards" from Aries back to Pisces back to Aquarius and so on. For the last 18 months the North Node has been in Scorpio (and the South Node has been in Taurus). Today the North Node moves into Libra (and the South Node into Aries), until November 2015. But of course the question you must ask is, "What does this mean for me"?

The Nodes of the Moon in an Astrological Chart are said to indicate your Karmic Pointing for that life. They can help you discern "The Way", of how you are to receive from your past and understand where you have come from, and how you must look ahead and continue your spiritual development by moving towards developing the opposite sensibility in this lifetime. The South Node is said to be your Karma, the North Node is your Dharma. Together they show how you draw from what you have so far made of yourself, and that you will now take your next step in Spiritual growth as you work with the opposite yet complementary sensibility. By this integration you redeem your past and move upon the one true path of wholeness and Spiritual Integration.

But there is always a challenge when you walk this Karma/Dharma path, for you will often find your Past as familiar and easy, and the change to a new way of being as harder for you to master. If you allow yourself to be overly influenced by your past so that you fall under too much influence from the South Node, you may fail to work towards your Dharma, (you fall back into your familiar but less developed patterns). You must make a conscious effort, to work with the lessons brought to you by the North Node or your Dharma, because by this you can draw upon and use the best parts of your past (Karma) while creating a better future for yourself. You actually bequeath to yourself a better future, your Karma, by maintaining your awareness and focus upon your present Dharma.

With regards to this shift of the Transiting Nodes, the message for you is subtle and profound. The North Node has been in Scorpio since August 2012, and you should have been attentive to your relationship and your need to consciously choose to work with this opportunity of being able to forge deeper Unions with one another. To do this you had to face your fears of rejection, of being rejected or of rejecting yourself, and instead find the way to discern exactly what you could sacrifice in order to make possible the experience of a greater "we".

You should have drawn upon your Karma as indicated by Taurus to help you here, for it would have reminded you that there are some sacrifices that are false, and a true sacrifice means that it is sacred, it is good, it is done for and by love. For this is what makes your core, your essential Value is the Love of You, the love of your Higher Self for you. You must offer sacrifices to join with one another, but you must forever and always honor and hold firm to your Heart, to who you are and to keep as sacred and true your ever abiding love that is your Beloved.

Now with the North Node in Libra, you are also asked to choose wisely as you seek for a more meaningful relationship, but here you are given a different opportunity and challenge. The Way of Libra reminds you now to keep to the path of Balance and Justice, to follow the ways of Fairness and be guided by the fundamental Principle formed by your oneness in Spirit:

There will only be Justice when there is Equality for one and all.

You are here to bring about Harmony and Beauty in your world by forging relationships based upon this essential Truth, that it is Love that holds you as one to one another, and that you need to live in and be guided by a love for the other that is equal to the love you have for yourself too.

For it is Libra's way to think not of oneself, but instead to put the other first, and the good of the relationship above all else...and yet, here too one can and may probably go too far. And so the Karma of the Aries South Node is there for you, to remind you that a relationship requires the equal participation of both as Individuals. To do your part to bring about a healthy relationship requires forging a dynamic equilibrium, where balance is found by giving way and holding firm, for you must assert yourself in your Truth and contribute your uniqueness to make a relationship of beauty that is formed by a One and another One who choose to grow together.

The emphasis now will and must be upon Libra, and you will accommodate and place the wellbeing of the partnership and the partner above all else, and this is good. But you must equally remember that you are one half of any relationship that you are in, and so your relationship must be fair and just for you if it is to be lovingly true for the both of you.

The Weaving Way of Spirit is turning again...

You and your companions upon the Path.

So many turnings, so many choices,

But in the end it is simple.

As it was in the beginning,

It will be in the End.

Turn towards one another, knowing

All are equal, there is no other way.

Before you, is just you.

So be True to your Self, Love.

Just Love one another.

Choose Love.

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