March 11, 2014


Happy Blissful moment to You <3 
It has been such Beautiful days here <3 I have witnessed so much Nature-Beauty. The Sun has been extra bright and shiny, spring flowers have started to pop up here and there, the birds are singing oh-so Beautifully, the sound of the wather flowing between the rocks is amazing <3

I came across a pond today that I have never seen before, it belonged to a Couple of ducks, they had the whole pond to themselves. They were so beautiful and sweet, they let me stand close and watch them. The male was so protective of his sweetheart <3

Beautiful Crocuses

The water flows so Magically. It was just wonderful to stand for a moment and listen to it.

Bright and Shining <3

Enjoy your day/night, Precious Ones <3 Every new Now moment is an opportunity for each and everyone of us to open up to - and embody even more Love. Enjoy being the True YOU:) no "makeup", no "mask", just Authenticity and Purity emanating from your heart - flowing out into your whole being and life.
Sending so much Divine Love, Harmony, and Joy from my heart to yours. 

I Love You <3

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