April 11, 2014


In truth, there is nothing more we need to do than to find what brings us pure joy, and follow our creative passions completely. We are to Trust and Honor our inner guidance. In this we will move forward in happiness and contentment on our ever expanding journey. 
One of the reasons many are here at this time on Gaia is because of our desire to experience "challenges" and Master them- to stay Centered, calm, and in balance regardless of the circumstances. The journey is what You make of it. This is why we are to do what brings us pure joy - because in this we are doing what we wished to experience at this time here on the planet- to live with the purpose of being happy. To feel freedom, to see and experience all the beauty and magic all around us <3 To live in Gratitude and with honor towards All That Is.

Never compare yourself with anyone. It is your journey and you are to BE You <3 the bright shining You who brings something amazing to this world that only You can. There's no need to judge anyone else's choices or behaviors since we are all on different journeys, have different purposes, and we all have different ways of expressing ourselves. Together we make the "puzzle" complete.

May you have a relaxing weekend, remember that it is good to stay in our inner sacred space to get clarity, as this is a very powerful and intense time, loves.

Wishing you All so much Love, peace, and harmony <3

We are having such a beautiful day here. It has been sunny and warm, and at one point
it started to rain and hail at the same time as the sun was out, so amazing and magical.
I AM feeling so grateful to be right here, right now, planet Gaia <3



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