July 21, 2014


Beloved Hearts <3
I hope that You have had a lovely weekend. I AM sure that many feel the profound change that has been happening within/without us over the last couple of months. Nothing is the same, and we are expanding into our Divine Self, we are opening up to-,embracing and BEcoming our full expression/potential here on Gaia, as a unique eternal and infinite Spark of Source. I have been shown this in a dream I had this weekend, the full embracing of our Royal Self, our natural Divine/True god/goddess Self - where we feel and know our value and right to experience whatever our true heart desires to experience in this reality, such as Love, beauty, Magic, contentment and plenty, in our own unique way. Where we appreciate and honor the diversity, and always intend harmony in it, like the Elohim intended when Creating this planet. Now the original blueprint/DNA is activating within us and the planet, the New Earth is emerging from within us, for those who walk as Love expressed. Pure Love is the key. Pure Love is a state of BEing in inner freedom and no fear, we feel complete Trust in our feelings, inner guidance/true heart, ourselves, we know our Truth, and have compassion for all.

At this moment and some time ahead, we may feel the urge to be a bit of a hermit. Our DNA is activating/changing and we have an acceleration and increase in our crystalline cell growth. We are bringing All our aspects, parts, "ancient" expression, and full Divine Self into the Now to BEcome the New human, who can walk this reality as a conscious multidimensional being in its full potential. I got visions yesterday of how the crystalline cell growth in the body is increasing at this time, for those who have made a conscious choice to walk this reality as their True Self, to live on planet Gaia in a higher dimensional state/reality, to bring into the Now their full potential. To live "Heaven" on Earth.

As the intensity and "speed" of our expansion and growth into all this is getting stronger and more rapid, we may very well feel the need to take time for ourselves for a while/as much as we can, if it so is to not be around many people and/or put away the phone/laptop more often. It is a time for being a hermit and enjoy the inner "Bubble" (core/Spark of our being, where there is perfect balance, harmony, and peace at all times) in more solitude than usual. We need this time of solitude, and shall honor and enjoy this stage of our process, by fully listening to our true heart and follow it. Take some time to just be, feel the expansion, enjoy our inner remembrance, embrace it all within deep presence.

I AM feeling that this period will bring profound revelations, remembrance, and clarity if we stay relaxed, open, conscious and in a surrendered mode. I have experienced this deeply these last few days, and I feel that it will only increase as this summer proceeds.

Stay deeply Grounded into Mother Gaia, stay, eat, drink pure, listen to what the body and the inner needs at this time, enjoy some time for You, take a vacation (in the physical and mind, or just mind). We need this to be able to embrace the change/shift fully.
Flow flow flow, open up the heart and mind, open up to/make a conscious choice/intend absolute Magic, miracles, and wonder in the New Now. There's sooo much beauty and abundance to experience/CREATE as a co-creating Master BEing here on Beloved Gaia <3 It is a choice, always a choice to align with it, let's honor and be grateful for our Freedom to choose.

So much Love to You All, dear Family of Light, may You enjoy this absolutely amazing time, enjoy Your True Self.
All and everything in Divine perfection and timing, and accordance to Divine will, always.

I Love You <3

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