August 2, 2014


Happy August, Beloved Hearts <3 

We will be on fire this month! ;P I AM feelin' it. Let's welcome and embrace this powerful month with all of our heart, and all our being. We will feel much more profoundly the urge to bring into the physical reality our desires regarding people, relationships, and projects. Breakthroughs and new deep levels of commitment in these areas may be experienced. 
Oh my, loves, this period is focused on LOVE, so feel/see how your intimate relationships deepens profoundly, if it so is desired. 

The revelations, clarity, integrations, speeding up of our vibration, and opening up to more Mastery that have been so profound this summer will continue in August. This comes through a surrendered mode, being conscious, centered, grounded, open within deep presence, and a willingness/dedication to release/let go/heal what needs to in the old.
We are entering a new phase now, all I can say is Wow, beyond amazing indeed. The New is beautiful and can not be embraced by having expectations and old beliefs. It is all about intention, it is about trust, integrity, authenticity, and Pure True Love. As beacons of the New Earth, we may experience rapid change, "new" roles, locations etc. This is what will come into fruition in this phase/New chapter. 
Augusts vibration is all about Magic and alchemy, so there we go! ;) Love, joy, happiness, upliftment, and sweet tenderness is in the air. This will be extra felt for those of us who have fully embraced our uniqueness, are working/Creating from our true Self, from our heart/passions- Creating for the higher good. Our inner power and our confidence is expanding, a sort of fearlessness is felt.

We are to BE self empowered, balanced, harmonious, and peaceful in all areas. Focus on what is meaningful, and release what no longer feels aligned with our Truth. 
Remember to release all unnecessary tasks/interactions within Divine Love, neutrality, and grace. Because a great focus is needed, so this is not about being picky/isolated/unsocial in any way, it is simply a devotion to living/amplifying only the Light of Truth, through a BEingness within presence, purity, authenticity, and bliss. In this- a bridging between the heavens and the earth is Created, and a New template is anchoring in. We are co-Creating the New.

So much is going on right now. The Light is steadily increasing, and demands harmony and truth. 
Our DNA is changing, new downloads/activations, codes etc. are being activated, our crystalline structure is growing strongly, our minds are expanding, the old is being released, and all this may bring a sense of "foggyness"/stillness/void. All is well, and all comes in perfect Divine Timing. Patience to expanding in a perfect pace, and integrate it fully, moment by moment, in all its nakedness, not-knowingness, and limited view of what is to come, is the road of least resistance now.

Flow with this fiery month, flow with its amazing power. Enjoy every moment, enjoy every experience in this unique and crucial time here on Beloved Gaia. Create your beautiful Magic, this time has a lot of focus on self expression. 
I AM wishing You a wonderful month, may it be filled with Blessings and wonder.

I Love You <3

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