September 10, 2014


Hi dear Ones <3 I hope that You are having a lovely day :)
Me and many seem to feel such a wave of Creativity right Now, lol, so may ideas and new creations.
I feel a bit hyper and "all over the place", haha, so I gotta stay calm and try to focus on one thing at a time. But let me tell ya, it is not so easy ;P I mean, there's so much to Create, enjoy and do! <3

I have started to paint my new Princess Collection ornaments today. Oh look at those pretty colors;) These are for decorating with. They can be hanged around the home, or wherever. One thing is for sure, I will definitely decorate my Christmas tree with them;P

I received this rose quartz ball from my Soul sister today. Oh I absolutely Love it, of course;P Fits my Bubble of Love so nicely, right?! Will treasure it dearly <3 There are rainbow light sparkles in it which can be seen a bit on the pic.

I felt that this precious pink beauty wanted to share a message today of staying true to our Self, of Loving ourselves fully, all our parts and aspects, trough this, we feel Love (acceptance, unattached compassion, no judgement/analyzing) for all/everything in Creation. We are to embrace our true selves and follow our passions fully. Always Trust that our experiences are for our highest good and that they bring us great expansion and shifts. Trust our true heart, feelings, inner guidance- follow it and take action on it fully and fearlessly. All in perfect Divine Timing. Enjoy existing for the sake of existing, enjoy Creating our own unique Magic for the deep joy and Soul Bliss it brings. Right here, right Now- Beloved Gaia.

I AM wishing You a beautiful day/night, and wishing You so many Blessings and Miracles.
 I Love You <3

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