October 27, 2014


Beloved Ones <3 There is so much change happening within ourselves, physically, and around us Now, which will indeed increase. This intensity we are experiencing can bring up discomfort, stress, impatience, helplessness, confusion, etc. This is to be embraced and not be pushed away in any way. We do however benefit tremendously by moving into Gratefulness and Acceptance in this time of increasing change in All Ways. The New is constant change.

We are to listen to- and trust our hearts, and trust our experiences. Know that absolutely everything is occurring in our highest interest. Focus on the intentions, and have great anticipation. 

If there's feelings of being off balance in one way or another, and a desire to align again- We can move the consciousness to our Heart center, feel our infiniteness, inner peace, safety, and freedom. Remember that our feelings tell us everything we need to know about where we are in our alignment with our graceful, empowered, true self. The New truly is beyond amazing, magical, filled with miracles, contentment and unexpected things. Embrace it all and flow flow flow as the god/goddess that we are <3 

Wishing you a lovely new week:) Follow your Creative passions and make your Magic.

I Love You <3

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