February 13, 2015

Happy Friday, Energy Influx, Clarity

Happy Friday, beloved hearts <3 
What a beautiful day and preparation for the weekend, Mercury is now direct again, so our communications and clarity will feel easier and smoother again, we have Valentine's Day tomorrow, so lots of celebrations of Love now, which we can indeed feel in our whole BEing. There's also an extra influx of energy coming through right now. This is assisting us in activating our vehicles and BEings even more, to level up in vibrational frequency and be able to embody more Light. I feel how this is preparing us to be able to yet again take a huge step and shift to move deeper into the unknown New. Mars will bring amazing birthing energies, and divine remembrance, so we are indeed starting to get lots of new ideas, make new Creations, and have freshness in whatever we are passionate about because of this. 

Stay open in heart and mind, we have no limits in truth, so expect the completely magical and BEyond amazing. Surrender within full trust to receiving whatever your true heart wishes in divine timing. It is so very simple, it is about full faith. <3

Wishing you all a wonderful harmonious, playful and blissful Valentine's weekend. 
I Love You all so much, and embracing you in divine oneness. <3

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