May 11, 2015

Celebrating the Great Mother Goddess Within Us

I AM Celebrating the Great Mother Goddess within us all <3

Beloved ones <3 I hope you have had a peaceful weekend. Yesterday many so wonderfully celebrated Mother's Day, in my country we celebrate it on May 31st so I AM looking forward to that. Even tho I AM indeed celebrating Mothers and their pure Magic in every moment it is simply a joy to dedicate a day where it is even more celebrated. 

I AM celebrating and honoring all mothers. I AM celebrating in this Now what they are, what they do, and their sacred physical temple and whole BEing.

The Great Father Gods Light/idea/seed of potential got surrounded by the Great Mother Goddess Love, nurture, and patience and were able to grow and BEcome in her womb. We all travel through the cosmic Great Mother Goddess channel and ReBirth ourselves in every new now moment. Eternal sparks we are in our hearts, coming from the eternal Love making of the divine Mother-Father energies. They dance their dance of ever weaving and merging in divine oneness and wholeness. 

Even tho I have no kids in this reality, I AM embodying the Great Mother Goddess energy and feeling the powerful divine feminine sacred sensual energy of it reaching and supporting all of creation. I AM choosing to embody and live this here more and more, allowing the Great Mother Goddess to know, feel, and express herself in form.
I AM, we are.

I AM sending so much Love and appreciation to all Mothers on our Beloved Gaia, and in the multiverse. Thank you <3 You are a true miracle, your body is a sacred BEyond beautiful miracle, and it can create miracles, give birth to new life and manifestations. Blessings and deep gratitude to You. Wishing you all a most peaceful harmonious new week, feeling the sacredness and sensuality coming from BEing within deep presence.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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