July 14, 2015

Trust, Patience, and Mastery

I AM feeling such deep gratitude today for the beauty of trust and patience. Through this we open up to harvesting/manifesting the fruit/potential that we have nurtured and let grown. 
I AM celebrating divine perfection and timing. Everything happens for a reason, there is no randomness. 

Everything has already happened, from a higher perspective, there is nothing "new" for us to discover, and all infinite possibilities has already occurred, there is no time. We merely move into timelines supporting what we are aligned with in every moment.
So stay relaxed, that is truly key, it makes us present and open/receptive to truly see and notice what is laid out for us and we can therefor take beautiful guided action which is in alignment with higher good and higher will.

Release expectations (how, when, where, who) and keep intentions; your alignment/feeling of what your heart truly desire.
No conditions and judgement on our self (and therefore none on others). It is so very simple. The powerful magical things are always simple. Complicated means it is still in the phase of learning, so be kind and compassionate with yourself if you are feeling that you are in it. Mastery is something we claim when we are truly tired of being a student who needs to learn. Haha so what will we do if not learn?, that is what we ask if we are a student, and simply have not found the magic of letting go. Mastery is not hard or only for a few wise ones such as old gurus/ascended beings from the history. But what it does is that it do ask us to move out of finding pleasure and excitement through knowledge and through certain tasks/environments/people, so here is where our free will and freedom to choose comes in. Honor our freedom to Give Things Meaning, no matter what we do, where we are, and how it is. (If we are in a safe and peaceful environment, that comes first, always).

Mastery is simple, it is full Love for our self, relaxation, trust, faith, kindness, compassion, and staying open in this present moment. 

Wishing you all so much Love and Blessings.
Within divine Love, divine Light, divine peace, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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