August 3, 2015

Love, Trust, and Faith in the Self and the Universe

I Love myself right now in this moment. I do not feel there's anything I need to clear, heal, change, or transcend. If I were to believe there were things I needed to shift, it means I am being conditional on myself. I am instead fully in a space of Love and faith, I trust myself and that life unfolds and works out in divine perfection and according to my highest good.
It has nothing to do with being "perfect" and that life is "perfect", it is simply about enjoying Now, enjoying, surrendering to, accepting and embracing this moment, enjoying this space I AM in, enjoying how I AM. 

All this does is simply making the moment and current reality more comfortable, beautiful, enjoyable, fun, sacred. It is not about changing anything because of trying to make something happen or manifest a certain thing. That is being fully conditional on the self, in Love, and the universe.
It is not about ignoring or denying how things are, it is simply about stepping out of the belief of imperfection. This moment is all we have, what we are right now is more than enough. And we will get whatever we desire in divine timing, which means, when it supports our expansion and not distract us from our growth.

We are here to BEcome, infinitely we BEcome and grow, but it is simply not something that happens because we are deciding so and being conditional, it happens anyway, it is constant and it will always BE so no matter what. 

I AM Loving my self and everyone in this very moment. I AM embracing and living within trust and faith in my self and the universe. I AM celebrating Now!
I AM celebrating the value of us all, we are the Light of God-Goddess Love playing in form. I AM celebrating our freedom to Give Things Meaning.
Within divine Love, divine Light, divine goodness, divine harmony, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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