September 6, 2015

Path of Unity

Complete unification within <3 No labels, no labeling is the path of no separation, beloved hearts, it is the path of unity. Through the living of our I AM presence, within unity and balance, there is no labeling as light or dark, good or bad, right or wrong, happy or angry, bliss or shadow side. We embrace the infinite dance of polarity within and around us as one. 

Moment by moment, in the Now, we embrace, have compassion for, and Love our self, our feelings, our thoughts and doings. We live and feel it All as the I AM that I AM, as a service in oneness. We nurture every part and particle of ourselves as a mother nurtures her child and Loves it just as much no matter what, and don't feel that parts of her child needs to be removed or changed. 

We honor the illusion of separation for the growth and self realization it brings us. We honor free will and the unique journey of all, and therefor never feel the need to interfere, give unsolicited advice, and tell others what to focus on, do or not do. No conditions. No conditions on ourselves, others, and the whole of creation.

This, sweet ones, this acceptance and Love, this honoring of the infinite dance of balancing, allows us to live in true unity, responsibility and presence. With this simple acceptance, we do not need to know anything, search, learn or study, because in truth, living speaks louder than any words. Love is the highest wisdom, and it doesn't require accumulation of knowledge on our Mastery journey of REmembrance.

Within divine Love, divine Light, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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