September 12, 2015

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Virgo, September 12-13

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Virgo, September 12-13 <3 Happy Saturday, and partial solar eclipse and new moon, beloved pure sparks of source. <3
Eclipses are very powerful. This is a portal into opportunities of profound change, shifts and downloads/transmitting it in the Now from within us as one/source incarnate. Our DNA is activating more and we are BEcoming the new golden HUman. We are majorly leveling up in vibrational frequency to hold even more Light.
May you all have a wonderful, magical, peaceful new moon and solar eclipse experience, sweet ones. Trust yourself, trust your guidance, inner knowing, and intuition. Enjoy nature. Rest, relax and take it very easy, and connect deeply with source to have that intimate experience in divine oneness. Honor your own experience.
I AM honoring us all as the Galactic BEings that we are, merging all our aspects/timelines into one here. I AM honoring the simplicity of source creating, trough imagination. I AM honoring our creative power through heart centered alignment, through Love and aligning/moving away from what serves/do not serve us, this is where our power lies (no fear, no hiding, escaping or suppressing, that is not what moving away means, it is about clearly seeing and feeling what serves our growth on deep levels, then take action that is aligned with this).
I AM honoring living and knowing and feeling self as source. Give things meaning.
Wishing you all so much Love and Blessings in abundance. I AM now moving away more from social media for the rest of this month, to allow for full focus and presence in my own personal experience, in divine service of the One. 

Within divine Love-Light, divine peace, divine harmony, divine goodness, divine grace, and Mastery. I AM, we are. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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