June 8, 2016

Succulent joys

Blessed day beautiful people! Lately I have grown a passion for succulents, I Love their beautiful abundant appearance and their strength. I have merely just a few of them, but it is perfectly enough for me! Yesterday I split up our big aloe indoors plant as it was full of little new babies. It tuned out to be a whole bunch of new ones!

Three of the baby aloes I put in these little pots. These pots has been a little project of mine this last week, they were orange, and I wanted white ones, so I have panted them with a few coats of nice white paint. I put little quartz pieces on top of the soil as a nice toutch, which I absolutely Love!! I am happy to be using this quartz that I have picked here in nature these last few years. I placed them on this white wooden tray, and I put quartz crystal as a gorgeous accent on the tray. Mama Gaia has the best and most beautiful decor huh! 

I let our indoors succulents and other leafy greens stay out in the afternoon sun yesterday to charge and enjoy the light and fresh air. I Love them all so much and it is a joy to see them grow and change.

Here's some of all the aloe babies that I potted. It is wonderful since it is an edible plant, and it also a wonderful skin moisturizer. I simply cut off a leaf and use its inner liquid on my skin sometimes, it feels very refreshing and pure.

Much Love from all my plants and I ~ Lina Louise 


  1. I love it! They look great!!


  2. I love succulents! I've bought 3 plants yesterday!!!