Mastery Stones

A stone cleared and blessed with divine Love, intuitively painted by me for you. It holds the light of the energy of your essence and Mastery. 

Hold it as you are relaxed, meditating, or bring it with you whenever you feel. The stone is a being which you can create a beautiful bond and connection with and allow it to serve you in your own Mastery remembrance, inner empowerment, Love, strength, freedom and harmony.

The Master that I AM is a reflection of the Master that you are within you. I AM assisting you in assisting your self in bringing forth the Master that you are. We can choose to claim our Mastery and step out of the ever cycle of being a student. 

Mastery Stone 30.00 USD
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Mastery Stone Example
Centered in divine Love, allowing it to spread out into the whole being. In an environment so peaceful, safe and free. This heart thrives and creates through inner freedom and outer peace. Allowing the self to take place and come first, embracing its femininity of pure beingness and receiving, is key to alignment with the cosmic abundance and highest good. Multidimensional aspects merged as one, a powerful playful heart simply because of trust, creating Magic that brings joyful beauty and transmutation to our world.

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