February 24, 2014


Make every new Now moment as aligned with your True Self as You possibly can;) If we want to bring in and live our highest potential in this physical body and eventually move on to another dimension of existence, it's a conscious choice that Each and everyone must take on their own. Through Awareness align ourselves with our highest and most authentic Self in every new moment and Live it through our whole Beingness and in absolutely Every Action we take; what we think, say, do, eat, drink, create, and interact with. We can not Create a New way of Living by being in passiveness and make choices based on short term satisfaction of the lower mind.

Let the Love from our inner Spark flow to everything we think, say, do, eat, create, and to everyone we interact with <3 Have deep Compassion, Honor, and Respect for all life <3

Treat yourself the absolute best way possible:) Listen to and trust your inner, your heart, and your body; treat your physical vehicle as the temple that it truly is;)

When all twelve DNA strands are activated we become our Pure Cosmic Self. We become a Pure expression of the multiverse. We are going from a carbon based DNA to a carbon-silica form.
In order to increase the body's crystalline cell growth, it must be cleansed and cleared from toxins. Releasing old habits, eating only Life Force food, clear the emotional body, etc.. All the bodies need to be cleared. One important part for activating this process is to clear the metals out of the body by eating, and only use products that is Actually Good for us. Organic, Living food such as vegetables and fruit, and natural Organic products for our body maintenance is crucial.


I Love You <3

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