February 28, 2014


Happy Friday <3

Together we are creating the New. Mercury is turning direct today, and with this we are also turning - we are turning closer to our True Self, Path, and Truth. Wowing together the mind and the heart - for higher wisdom. Creating and shifting with our freer thought-forms into a reality of Love, Purity, Joy, Passion and Freedom.

Tomorrow on March 1 we have a new Moon in Pisces, which is a water sign - and water has to do with our emotions so they will be high right now. Pisces is also a very spiritual sign so there is a beautiful, magical feeling in the air.

May You Enjoy all of this, beloved Ones <3

Mercury turns direct February 28. By Bill Attride

Your attention is turning outwards again...

The melding of Watery and Airy ways within your Mind,

Was for your Bridging, Blending, Becoming...

As you walk upon the Integral Path of Spirit.

You wove them together, the Intuitional and Rational,

To hold together your Head and your Heart.

You sought to Feel Thoughtfully, and

To Think Lovingly too.

And this has brought you a little closer,

To the One True Way Home, The Way of Understanding...

The Path of Wisdom.

Now Mercury Turns, and you must too. Mercury is the Avatar of your Mind, and he leads you toward the Knowing of your Truth and your Path. For you are a Self-Consciously, Self-Unfolding Being, and the Thoughts that you Think will lead you into the Life that you Create.

Today Mercury moves forward in Aquarius, and your Mind is focused upon your Fellowships, your Companionships and the Hopes and Dreams your share with them for a better world. For you will find that in your Heart you know this: that your Dreams are made of one another, your fulfillment is their promise met as well, because their Hopes and Dreams are yours too.

For you never walk alone, your life is filled with hosts upon hosts of fellow travelers, both seen and unseen, known and unknown to you. You and they yearn for that better world in your dreams, a world that could be, if there were some way to make it so.

Mercury the Messenger has done his part, in his dance between Water and Air, between Intuition and Reason, he has led you to the path by which you can become more than what you were... 

You have gone back within yourself, to touch the essence of your Spiritual Self. For at the heart of you is your most precious Individuality, and whenever you experience this quickening contact you are able to accomplish a most marvelous feat. You are able to self-transcend, to go beyond the thought-forms of your ordinary mind.

By listening to that quiet but steady voice of your soul you draw closer to your Higher Self and the freer mind of Spirit. You are able to break the self-made bounds of the thought-forms that formed you, to see beyond the world you came from. You can lay aside and pass beyond the status quo of the old certainties, and there it is before you, the New Earth.

Embrace your newer, freer thought-forms. Turn with Mercury and share with one another the gift of creating a New World together.

Listen to one another,

Believe in one another,

Think Well of one another,

And you will do this, you will

Build a New Earth.


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