March 1, 2014


Happy March and New Moon in Pisces, beautiful Brothers and Sisters in Light <3 May we in this New month open up to even more of our true Divine Self and a New state of being. New is the word right Now - and it is already within us. We have stepped into a New chapter of our journey. Now when Mercury is direct he will help us feel our truth and path - so we can welcome and empower the New within more Authenticity.

The New Moon in Pisces today on March 1 is the last Moon in the Astrological year. It is a beginning and an end at the same time. I AM feeling a beautiful magical/dreamy/gentle stillness in the air right now - the opening to/strengthening of the New and gathering of experiences this past year - in honor, compassion and respect making them One.
Love, Creativity, Transcendence, Nurture and being Nurtured is what this New Moon is bringing.
This is a time when we empower the True Self - who we really are and what we are here for. To feel Free and have Love and Acceptance for our inner.

Enjoy this New Moon weekend, Beloved bright shining Sparks that You truly are <3
So much Love, Harmony and Blessing to you all in these absolutely amazing times.

I Love You <3

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