February 27, 2014


Hello there, dear Sisters and Brothers <3 This past night I dreamed that someone close to me gave birth to a baby, the delivery went so smooth and peaceful. The baby was calm and had a completely clean face. This was such a vivid and crystal clear dream. I do feel it represents what I and many are feeling right Now - a fresh and exiting start of something completely New in our lives - a New chapter/stage.

To dream of giving birth, or of someone else you know giving birth - represents fresh, exiting New beginnings, giving birth to positive thoughts, new ideas, projects, and abilities. It may even represent a birth of major events in ones life, and an emergence of a New Self.

Dreaming of the presence of birth may also represent the emergence of  a new aspect of the Self, higher Awareness, Independence, excluding of negativity, nurturing our inner Child, feeling Wholeness, and infinite potential expressing some of its qualities.

A clear/clean baby represents answered Love, and good, warm, caring friends.

Everything we wish to see in the world, such as Divine Love, Compassion, Honor, Respect and Kindness to all of Creation, we ourselves are to create in the Here and Now.
By finding the Divine Spark within oneSelf, we generate Pure Source without.

Oneness/Grace within the Divine feminine and masculine polarity - the union of One, complete balance and Harmony between the feminine and masculine - what will be left is Pure Divine Love - rippling to All. Being of Pure service to all of Creation. With Love, purity and magic within - we notice Magic everywhere. It is the Divine Love that Creates the Magic;)

It is all Right Here, Right Now <3

I Love You <3

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