March 16, 2014


Happy Sunday and Full Moon, dear Brothers and Sisters <3 This past powerful, magical and blissful week of releasing and healing brought in so much expansion and integration, to step into the New. I AM Feeling such profound Balance, Harmony, Oneness, and Understanding, more and more in every moment. Now this week has arrived at its last day, and it is also time for a Full Moon, and the end of this astrological year. 
She - our Beautiful Moon - the Mother, is now giving us all the Gift of BALANCE. 
She offers us a way - and she offers us gifts of Beauty, Truth, and Love - so we have the opportunity to truly Feel our own Wholeness within, our true Purpose Here, and we have the opportunity to deeply Know that we are Love - and we are to Be it.
Enjoy your day and the Full Moon, dear Family of Light <3
May You be able to bathe in her Beauty.

I Love You <3

Full Moon in Virgo, March 16. By Bill Attride

The Twelfth Illumination is here...

The Final Step before you begin, again.

For a New Year approaches,

And you must prepare the Way.

Twelve Signs, Twelve Moons will mark your Path,

As you the Pilgrim reach for that Promised Land.

The Alpha and Omega, together once more,

The Infinitesimal and Infinite, held as One.

The Singularity that is Spirit,

Eternal Now.

Twelve times around The Wheel of Life, Luna weaves those webs of destiny, she circles in and out, up and down, as she will ever stand between Earth and what for you is the Incomprehensible Infinity, those spaces of Space that surround you. She has but one calling, she is there to look after you, her child and hope, as she weaves and modulates those Awesome energies that sweep over, around and through you.

For Space is not an emptiness, it is not a mere vessel or container. Space is the Pleroma, it is the Fullness of Spirit and Matter, of Inner and Outer Spaces and endless Hierarchies of Being beyond your Knowing. And all of THAT is but the many, mirroring aspects of the One Life Divine, the one life which is your life too.

These Universal Forms and Energies stream forth for you on Earth from the Shining One, the Royal Regent you know as Sun, and then are modulated in Form and Meaning as they stream between the Sun and his Court. The Sun with these other Lords or Planetaries create the Sacred Songs of Space that ring out in a Wondrous and Beautiful Majesty of Spiritual Inspiration for you as they hold to their appointed places and rounds in your Solar System.

Between them all there stands dear, dear Luna. She stands between those Universal Energies that stream from the Luminous One and his Court, she stands between them all so as to modulate and mediate their gifts for you here on Earth. For the Moon is the Mother, and she will ever protect, nurture and carefully attenuate those awesome offerings for you her children here on Earth.

She comes once more to her outermost post, out beyond your orbital path and so she is bathed there in the Fullest Light of the Sun. She stands out in that beyond, a Magic Mirror of Solar Force so that you might not lose your way. For in each and every Sign you can go "too far", you may burn so brightly with that Solar Force and forget that there is but one true way, The Way, that Integral Path of Wholeness where all Twelve Rays are as One. You cannot be in Aries without being in Libra, you cannot hold in Cancer without standing in Capricorn. And now you must complete the Circle of Life, you must honor and live in Virgo as you move through Pisces too.

So as the Solar Song sings through this time of Pisces, Luna brings you the gift of Balance and Compensation from the chorus that is Virgo. The noblest gifts are to be found here in Pisces, for in this Twelve of the Twelve you stand at the Summa Codex of Life, and you can Intuit and Feel, perhaps even understand and so bow your head before the Great Mystery Revealed. That all of this Creation, every mote and speck, every being and planet and star, all are sparks of this Life Divine, all are held together in the Love which is the Abiding Force that springs from the very Root of Creation itself, and this same Unconditional Love comes from within you too.

But from these lofty Heights of Universal Love, Boundless Joy and Infinite Compassion you may still stumble and fall, yes even here you may forget to maintain the most fundamental Principle. That you are a Sacred Center and there are lines and boundaries you should not cross, (at least not until you are truly ready and understand how, when and why this may be done). For without this understanding you can give too much, lose too much of yourself for another, and instead of making a sacrifice you stumble and fall into being the very sacrifice itself...and this is not the way, this is not your way to Beauty, Truth and Love at all.

So the Full Moon in Virgo provides the way of understanding now. That you must Love with Wisdom, experience Joy with Understanding...and to do this you must live a Life that is marked by a Discerning Compassion.

For you must not cast your Pearls (your Love) before swine. You must Live the Truth of being a Spark of the Divine and bring forth this very same experience by relating in this manner with whomever stands before you.

Look to Luna, riding high and illumined...

Your Mediatrix, your Mother.

She is there to show you the Way.

She offers the Gift of Beauty...because you must make yourself Whole.

She offers the Gift of Truth...because you must understand why you are here.

She offers the Gift of Love...because you are to be the Love that you are.

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