March 12, 2014


I often use the phrase "Right Here, Right Now", and I would like to expand a bit on what I personally mean with this. As there is no time; It is ALL right Here, Right Now in this ever expanding present moment. 
We choose where we set our Focus - to allow it to expand. All dimensions, realities, gifts, talents, and wisdom dwells in this Now - and we can in Awareness and purity set our focus on that which is for the Highest Good for ourSelf and All of Creation.

In this Now there is nothing we need to have or anywhere we need to go, because it is already present, all we have to do is live- and be in this all-containing moment, and allow it to expand in the direction we set our Focus. By staying present - we allow ourselves to give birth to our True Self in every moment. Our True Self have ever-expanding Awareness, is Authentic, and Pure. By being our True Self in this very moment - we allow ourselves to expand more and more into our true Power and Mastery, we allow ourselves to expand into our multidimensional Divine Self. 

So it is somewhat of a paradox - all is present in this exact moment, but at the same time we are to embrace and enjoy every "step" on this journey of ever "becoming More". Because it is all equally important and valuable - All of Creation is equally important - Everything is an expression of Source which are to be embraced.

We can only access all this through our complete surrender and embrace of our "naked" True Self which we are Right Now - then and only then can we allow the moment to expand into More. So stay Present and be YOU, listen to your heart, what You truly Feel, trust it, trust everything about yourself and your experiences. 

May You Enjoy this very Moment, dear One. 

I Love You <3

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