March 30, 2014


Hi there, amazing Ones <3 Happy New Moon <3 I do hope that You are having a lovely present moment.

In this Time of Destiny - We are to Be who we are in truth, stand in our Center, act with the right Intention- how we act in the Now is what will change what is and what might be <3

Let's take a moment to pause, to be in the stillness and silence, contemplate and consider our own presence in our world.

I really enjoyed reading Bills article about this New Moon <3

I Love You <3

New Moon in Aries - March 30, 2014. By Bill Attride

So it begins...

The Die is Cast,

The Seed is Sown,

And it is time to meet your Destiny.

The Astrological Year began 10 days ago, and as this Month of March Madness ends you will now enter a most portentous and precipitous time. The Earth is at the Center of a Great Alignment forming in the Heavens, and Kingdoms and Princes will clash over the old order that is passing away...

And so you need to be Centered and True to who and what you really are. Beware of the Illusions of these Fading Powers and be not drawn into their twilight drama, their time is past. It is your time to believe in The One, to be Centered in your Spirit and the Love that is the Prime Mover of this marvelous Creation. It is time to manifest a New World for the 21st Century.

This New World is not to be found in some exotic land or corner of the known world, it is not here nor there. The New World is the Ever-Present True Reality, it is the Perennial Resurgent Spirit of Truth and Love. The New World is the Alpha and Omega, it is the First World and Last Word, it is "of, by and for the Spirit". The New World was, is and will always be here, at the center of the Universe, here in your heart.

Your New Earth is always with you for it will always be there in your Heart. The New World is everywhere, it is both immanent and transcendent, for it is really all about you and this journey of Spirit. For it is you and all of countless Seekers who are the Dreamers and Makers of the New Earth...and it will be so, forever and ever, amen.

At this moment in your journey, in the Spaces of Space around you, a Planetary is holding fast at each of the Four Directions from which the Spiritual Energies of Life and Consciousness flow into your Universe. At each "corner" of your life there stand these Four Sentinels of Spirit: Mars blazing in the West, Jupiter securing in the South, Uranus rising in the East and Pluto, ruling over one and all, holds the North. Great Challenges await you and your world, for Awesome Opportunities and Overwhelming Dangers will be met on this path of destiny, for this is the moment when you and your world will rise or fall again.

For this New Moon of Aries is the harbinger of the Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014, the signature event of this year and really for many years to come. But do not be afraid, for you have met this challenge before, many times before. This is not a unique nor is this an isolated event, it is part of your Story of Becoming. But make no mistake, this time and place is more important than many other "moments" you will live through in this life.

This Rendezvous with Destiny holds and binds you to the past as it calls for you to make a better future. You live in a time that resonates with the pains and promises of the 1930's, when Uranus and Pluto last squared one another. It is filled with the struggles and resurgence of Spirit that stirred souls in the 1960's when Uranus and Pluto formed their last conjunction. These past alignments cast forward the echoes of the triumphs and tragedies of then to now, that how those other moments of meaning were understood and acted upon by you and your forebears is brought into what you face today. For it is those past Feelings, Thoughts and Actions which have created the Karma and Reality that now is to be faced by you in this time of reckoning. The question for you today is will you rise to the challenge of Spiritual Truth, do you understand what is happening, and what will you choose to do?

For all that matters is here and now, for today is your Time. In truth the only time that really matters, the only Freedom you will ever experience is in the NOW. This is your time to stand at the Center of the Four Directions and choose to hold to the Sacred Truths that hold all of Creation together in the One. It is always time, but never more than now, to be centered and at peace and choose to be a Conscious Creator of this New World, the New Earth that you will make as Mother-Father, just as you have done many times before. You are Life-Consciousness-Spirit, and you create this Life and many Lives through your Dreams, your Feelings, your Thoughts and your Actions.

The Ancient Teachings, the Fountain-Source for all Religions, Philosophies and Sciences, holds this as one of the most fundamental principles of this Journey of Spirit: That All of this Creation is Alive, from the smallest mote to the Galaxies and beyond, all of THAT is Consciousness in Motion. All are at the core a Monad, a Center of Consciousness, and so Spirit is found everywhere as Consciousness Centers that are wending their way through these Matter-Forms. All that is seen and unseen by you is self-unfolding Life, and all of these countless individual lives and combinations of  lives, which of course is what you are (for you are your own host of beings don't you know), all these life forms which include your Beautiful Blue world, and the Galaxies and even greater Entities that lie beyond, all of IT is alive and each monad only varies from the other in terms of its degree of development of Consciousness.

All of Creation is formed by this innumerable host of "Ensouled Beings". This is in fact where the very term "Zodiac" comes from. The Zodiac literally means the "Circle of the Living Ones", the ones who are "animate", that are filled with life as are you and all that surrounds you is the Living Spirit too. From the least to the greatest, all are "alive", including the Stars, the Suns and Planets. They like you are Spirit moving through and up the Ladder of Life...And this is why, since you and they are "brothers and sisters", this is why they watch over and influence you, as you too influence them as well...Oh yes, you do have your effects upon them too, just ask your dear Mother Earth. For all are part of the One Great Life, and so it is the Law of this Oneness of Life that it follows: "As above, so Below".

So, what are you to do today, what are you to make of this New Moon in Aries today?

Yes it is just like any New Moon. It is a time to appreciate this Gift of Spirit offered by the Union of your Star and your Moon. It is a time to receive and be grateful for the guidance and inspiration that is there for you. So take some time today to pause, to consider your "Presence" in your world.

Aries is the Lesson and Power of Attitude and Intention. That it is by the proper creation of a "Persona of Purpose" that you may stride through your world in the most effective and meaningful manner. To neither Underwhelm or Overreach but to hit the mark and be a considerate, loving presence in each space you enter into. For upon each turning of a corner, as you move into any space whatsoever it will change. What change did you bring about, what was the effect of your passage in this space? The question that will be asked of you as your life is weighed when you reach your end in this one: Did you contribute to the betterment of your world or not? Did you bring Light to the Dark, Kindness to those in Pain, Strength to those who were Weak, Love to those who were Lost?  

But this New Moon is the herald of greater matters that you must also take into consideration. For in the next several days the Sun will align with all of the aforementioned Watchers at the Corners of your portion of Space. On April 1 the Sun will square Jupiter. On April 2 he will conjunct with Uranus. On April 3 he will square Pluto. And on April 8 the Sun will oppose Mars.

The Grand Cardinal Cross  of 2014 will become activated and made ready and so should you. You will need to stand in your center and face these Four Directions, to listen to the Truth of each and be the Self-Aware Consciousness that can hold all four truths as One.

The Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014 is here, and your world and you will face this Karma. The Challenges before you were put in motion long ago, and you are merely reaping what you have sown, the Good and the less good. You and many others set this all in motion long ago...and that is your salvation too. For it is your Creation and you can change what is and what might yet be by how you act in the NOW.

How and what you face today, tomorrow and over the next many weeks, months and even years to come is what you must understand. That is what you must decide, you need to consider how you will Act with right Intention in this Time of Destiny. You must stand in the Center, you must look to the Four Directions and listen to what each Watcher of the Way has to offer you:

From Mars in Libra you are to Act to restore Beauty and Justice,

From Jupiter in Cancer you are to stand Centered in the Truths that you Share,

From Uranus in Aries you are to Free your Mind and to Act without Fear,

From Pluto in Capricorn you are to Fulfill your Responsibility and Be what you Are.

You are Spirit,

You are Light,

You are Love,

Be that.

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