March 30, 2014


Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Light <3 There is an intense Shift going on, can You feel it? What intense days it has been leading up to this new moon. These past 2-3 days I have felt so much integration going on, a feeling that can be described as a somewhat "uncomfortable" feeling within, but I have energy, harmony, and clarity in all this at the same time in a way. 
From last night I got more sleepy than I usually do, and many seem to feel this. (I normally do not need much sleep lol;P). We sometimes need to "shut down" and sleep to be extra open and respective, so that we can more easily bring in what is needed for us.

A sort of void and stillness within, Feels like we are in between the breaths, a preparation of giving birth to oneself once again, giving birth to a Self that is even more of what we really are in Truth. 
I absolutely feel that this period is to be enjoyed in all it's "emptiness", stillness, nakedness, and purity. We are also preparing ourselves for April, and our bodies are preparing to be able to hold even more Light, not just for us but for all those awakening to it too.

Let's take this time for some contemplation, and let's honor and enjoy what we have become so far, trusting that the next step comes in the perfect timing. 
We are moving into a completely NEW phase and chapter of our journey of ever becoming more. What we are doing, creating, becoming, and will be a part of in these physical bodies is absolutely amazing to say the least. Together we are creating a whole new way of being, a completely new reality of existing on this planet, and we are to be Present in every moment of it, just as it is in the Now.

There is so much to be grateful for, so much to share, so much to receive, and so much to discover.
Enjoy being You, precious One. When being our True selves - we know that we are free, we know that we are one, we know that we are made of Love to Love.

I Love You <3

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