March 27, 2014


Hi there, Amazing Ones <3 Hope You are having a lovely day.
This is my take on true Maturity <3

I really feel that a True sign of the "spiritual" Maturity, and Authenticity in a person is shown in the amount of Compassion, Kindness, Humbleness, Integrity, Truthfulness, Peacefulness, Humility, and Authenticity he/she posses. It is Not in the level of "advancement" of "special skills" that often is associated with spirituality. I mean, if we do not fully have all these things mentioned above; what difference does it really make for ourselves and the world at this point if we can see with our third eye, see auras/energies, sense how others feel, talk to different beings such as angels, ETs, guides, fairies, elves, and whatnot?

If we don't FULLY within our whole Self on all planes have the characteristics of "spiritual" maturity that I mentioned- we are coming from a point of Duality.. Because when we Fully have embraced, Feel, and know the fact that we are ONE- we have no whatsoever desire to see others as "wrong" in any way - we know that All are doing their best from their level of awareness and therefor accept them completely. We understand that all are equal, just on different levels of Soul journeys, no right or wrong.
Like the saying: "We can only Love others till the extent we truly Love ourselves." So we can quite easily- by looking at our relationships and partnerships in our life see where we are on our true Self Love. Can we make/have deep and Pure connections with others?
I feel that this quote about Love is true, when we love the ONEness that we all truly are- we see others beauty, light, Soul, and never judge, and/or talk/think "bad" (in any way whatsoever) about anyone, period. When we look at things and others (all beings) we see ourselves in them too.
There is no separation, we have everything within us.
This is what may be called Christ Consciousness/Unity Consciousness.
Both our close/intimate relations, and also those with the ones whom we do not know on a personal level in our life will reveal our own level of UNITY.

I AM staying Neutral in Pure Love.

I Love You

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