March 27, 2014


I have written down how I right now feel/see/look at desires, dreams and goals in life. Wanted to put it into words. I figured I would share it with You, maybe some of You will resonate with it:) 

Love, honor, respect, and be at peace with who You are in this exact moment- right here, right Now. There will not come a better moment to be completely content with Yourself than this Now. So Love yourself - every particle of it, then You will be able to Love yourself and others in every moment of this ever expanding Now. This also goes for what You currently have/are experiencing in your life - we are to embrace, be grateful for, and Enjoy this reality right Now, if we always focus our attention on the desire/dream/wish for other circumstances, how can we live in complete contentment when we finally experience them?, if we always are focusing on more/something else? So Love You, Love where You are right now, truly see it with a clear view and embrace- and really Experience it, because without this piece of the puzzle there won't be a Wholeness. When it is Time to move to the next level of your journey - your inner guidance will be so clear and strong that it will all flow in beautiful Harmony and ease, but also with excitement and Joy of course. This does not mean we shouldn't have desires and feelings for New experiences (because without them we wouldn't have New experiences and expansion, and that is the whole reason everything exist) - it simply means that we are to truly enjoy, be Present, and fully experience the Now also, just as it is, in all it's nakedness, to be able to truly live a blissful life. Balance <3

I Love You

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