March 26, 2014


Hi there <3 A lot of expansion, raising of vibration, new levels of consciousness, and a new Higher way of Beingness - this is what I feel that the equinox is bringing to us. I AM strongly feeling this powerful shift, things have really changed and taken on a whole new pace since about a week or so before the equinox on March 20th, and will continue like this until the June solstice. I AM embodying my Higher Self more and more, lots of remembrance and integration going on, moving deeper into the New, it is intense in a way indeed, but can be balanced and handled more easily- and in Harmony with Awareness, Balance, staying Calm, detoxified, and by really listening to the whole body, within and without and give it what it needs on all levels as much as possible. This makes this particular period a pleasant and harmonious experience for me.

We have a New Moon in Aries on Sunday. This period we are in Right Now is all about, can You guess it? CHANGE. This positive energy is about NEW energy, NEW Life, New and Fresh Beginnings, Upgrades, Adventures, Authenticity, Justice, and finding BALANCE within ourselves and in relationships- and partnerships. We are to truly Embrace and listen to our FEELINGS (do NOT numb them with various substances, they make our vibration slower, and then we can't keep up with the higher vibrations that is available now that makes our consciousness expand to what may be called a quantum consciousness). Our Feelings are our most precious and greatest tool in these physical bodies we are having here on this planet, Feelings are there to tell us and help us to know what really is- and isn't in alignment with our Soul desires (Source desires as we are all sparks of individualized Source aspects) - what is in alignment with our Souls journey. We are to ask ourSelf how all different areas in our life is working and how they make us Feel, and Change/release what is not serving us. Take action from- and listen to our Soul Guidance.

It is also about Justice and Truth, things that are not coming from pure and True LOVE will start to crumble in one way or another. Things that are based on fear (all the negative feelings) is no longer "supported". 
As Aries is all about the Self- we may be focused on a lot of "alone time" right now, nurturing and really taking care of ourselves. Remember to take care of all aspects of the Self, and treat the physical vehicle as the Temple that it truly is by really understanding what an absolute privilege it is to be able to be here in these times here on this planet. This time is also about focusing on who we really are and what we are doing here. With Uranus in Aries- this intense energy we are having now can be used by us to release what no longer serves us, step into our Power, and Authentic Self, live our life as our True Self- who we were Born To Be  Take action towards our TRUE desires and dreams by consciously choosing thoughts, words, actions and deeds that is in accordance with what we are here to live, and as the true Creator being that we are- CREATE the life that we have the right to- and are here to experience in this absolutely magnificent and amazing time on Gaia, we are bringing Heaven (Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Contentment and Plenty) to earth by being our TRUE SELF- which is the exact thing that will bring us our True desires that will be for the Highest Good for ourselves and all concerned. By living as our True Self we live in Accordance with Nature. If we do not go towards this way of truly embracing the fact that we ourselves are to Create our reality - we are giving our power away and are victimizing ourselves by believing it is outside of us. 

Let go of giving your power away to something "outside" of You. Let go of the need to control and embrace true trust and vulnerability. Let go of who You think You need to be, let go of pleasing others. 
We are to move from fear to Love - for the benefit of All and the planet. Let's be Present, our Power lies in the Now. The choices we make on all levels of our being, and the action we take in every New Now moment is Creating our lives, and determines our direction. Focus on- and do what brings You True Joy WITHIN. Be YOU. Trust yourSelf, trust your feelings, and experiences by observing them with awareness and the neutrality of pure Love. 
Oh and Connect with your inner child;) take time to play and goof around.
By us being/doing All of this - the collective consciousness is raising rapidly in vibration <3

Enjoy your expansion and growth as much as You can:), and may You All have a lovely day <3 Sending Divine Love, Light, Bliss, Blessings, and Harmony from my heart to yours, amazing bright shining Ones. You are All so very Amazing <3

I Love You

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