March 30, 2014


Found and witnessed so many treasures that made my heart sing this weekend. Being out experiencing nature is for me like when a kid is in a toy store - pure bliss and exitement <3
It also gives such a profound sense of harmony and peace, even though this is something I feel wherever I AM, it is of course even stronger in the stillness and purity of nature.

Saturdays sunset here was so magical <3 The beauty of it went straight into the heart. 
Look at those clouds <3

 Found this white and fluffy feather. Isn't it the cutest little thing? ;P

And of course I had to snap a few pics of some gorgeous spring flowers;) 
Love them so much!

This feels so very symbolic <3 This little fellow shows us that with a bit of courage, strength,
determination, and patience, we will always find what we intend- and it will be perfect for us
 in its own unique way <3

I hope that You have had a peaceful weekend filled with Love, and that You were able to do something that truly made your heart smile <3

I AM so very grateful to be here and experience Gaias beauty. She sure is amazing when looked at trough the eyes of Love.


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