April 1, 2014


Happy April, Beloved Ones <3
A new month is here that will bring new beginnings, and activations for us. There will also be lots of more integration. 
We are stepping into a higher way of Being, and therefor our lives are changing in many ways yet again. Embrace and flow with the change and the new, loves, this is so very amazing <3

We are also being asked to find more Balance in all areas, both Within ourselves, in relationships and partnerships, and between work, play, and pure beingness. 
We have entered a new chapter, and amongst things - this is a time where we may find ourselves coming together more and more and co-create with beings who are on the same "page" as we are. 

We are stepping into our power and freedom even more by listening to our feelings and what our heart truly desires - we are to trust it, and follow it by taking action in one way or another. In complete truthfulness and purity- what truly makes our heart smile?
When we step into our True Self as it is revealed in every new moment- and follow our hearts, and let pure Love flow into all areas of our being and our life- we uplift the ONE. <3

Wishing You a lovely month ahead <3 may it be filled with new opportunities, new levels of awareness, and lovely connections with people. And of course Magic, tap into the Mmmagic;P it's within us at all times;) and when we know and feel it- we notice it everywhere <3

Our power lies in the Now.

Sending You Love, harmony, and peace. I Love You <3

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