April 15, 2014


Happy Full Moon, dear Ones <3 
Today we are having a full moon total eclipse in libra.

We come from Love to Love. We are here on Gaia at this time together to choose Love, 
to share our Love in our own unique ways, to grow and expand together, to remember who we truly are.

May you all enjoy this magical day as much as you can;) Wishing You so much Love and Harmony.

Love <3

Full Moon Total Eclipse in Libra, April 14-15, 2014. By astrologer Bill Attride.

The Magisterial dance of the Planets,

Sweeps through your Heavens above.

Singing and Dancing, their Songs of Spirit,

Offering Gifts of Meaning,

By their Intricate, Interconnected Patterns,

Of Light and Grace and Love.

Tonight, your Star and Moon join with you on Earth, to put on a special show of meaning for you. It is a beautiful reminder of how intricate, interconnected and synchronized are the countless lives of each and every being who share this Sacred Space you travel in, named for your Sun, what you call your "Solar System".

Twice a year the Sun, Earth and Moon will come into alignment with one another. Tonight the Moon will be positioned so that the Earth's shadow will block the Sun's light for a short while (and the Moon will glow instead with the reflective light that arcs around the Earth). It is called a Full Moon Total Eclipse and here is what I wrote about it in the General Forecast for 2014:

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse (April 14-15)

The first Eclipse of the year is a total eclipse of the Moon in Libra. The shadow of the Earth falls across the face of the Moon, and the Message of Meaning you would normally seek and find as revealed to you by Luna is obscured by some shadow formed by your present circumstance (Earth's shadow being the "Present" dims the Illumination of the Moon). You will have to more deeply examine the integral relationship between the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra.

Here is information about the Eclipse and where it will be visible. The Western Hemisphere, both North and South America, will be able to view this eclipse.

Every Full Moon is a message of relationship, for it articulates the integral meaning found between the Sun's energies that are being focused through one Sign being counterpointed (and this is the point), counterbalanced by the opposite Sign's meaning held by the Moon.

As the Sun swings through any Sign there is tendency to emphasize that facet of Spiritual Truth over any other. There is a need, a necessity that Spirit will respond with so as to bring in the opposing energy of point of view. There is the Desire of Spirit to restore balance and equilibrium to this Journey of Energies, to this Story of Light and Love.

But when there is an Eclipse of the Moon, the message that is there is somewhat hidden, for something has gotten in the way...the Earth! The shadow of the present day (which is where you are on Earth), is somewhat blocking the meaning that is needed in order to balance and integrate the Sun's energies with the Moon's answering song. You will need to dig a little deeper, think a little harder to see and feel the Truth that dear Luna offers you now.

The Sun is in Aries, and those Individualizing, Independent and Self-Assertive energies have been waxing strongly. That is why you have the need of the Moon, who rules your Memory and the Past. The Moon is there now to bring to you the Gift of Remembrance that is focused through the Way of Libra now:

That although your Song of Aries sings of you as a precious one, a truly unique Spark of the Divine (and you are that), you are also and equally one of countless, many other ones too. That your Individuality is only made True by your life that you share in as a life you live together, that you are here for one another, that you are here because of Love.

That it is in, by and through your relationships that you have been formed into what you are, and it is through this intricate Dance of Spirit, of wondrous inteconnected relationships, it is by this Living-Loving experience that you will eventually become a Shining Star in a Space filled with all your fellow Stars.

The Full Moon of Libra reminds you...

That you are One,

And you are Many.

All held together,

By Love.

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