April 18, 2014


Hi, everyone <3 I hope that You All are having a lovely day/night. 

This intense time we are in is a time for Simplicity, keep everything in all areas as simple as possible as we go through this powerful shift. We are integrating and embodying a lot right now (the energy from the full moon eclipse amongst things), and our bodies are also adjusting to this higher frequency.
We are to embrace this new Light wave with as little resistance as possible. The information, clarity, and change that it brings is just profound, loves <3 We shall not be too much in our comfort zones and cling to how we usually do things, but rather just surrender to it all and embrace whatever change and guidance we feel/experience. Listen to the inner, and listen to the body, follow it as much as possible <3 

My body is buzzing, and I Feel a lot of heart activity going on especially since yesterday, and there is also so much more clarity, and revelations coming in. My meditations have been amazing, and I can see so much Light coming in, and also radiating out to all and everything.

It feels like we have really started to work as One now, and our Light reaches around the whole globe and beyond. We are co-creating a new reality, and the more we raise our Vibration - the more we move into the New Earth and the higher state of being, where we live in Love, harmony, joy, peace, contentment and in accordance to the Laws of Nature. 
Things are really starting to speed up, and take on tangible form.

Enjoy this time, Beloved Sisters and Brothers, it is so very intense, but beautiful and amazing.
Wishing You All a lovely Easter weekend. May it be filled with so much Love and Harmony.

I Love You

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