April 23, 2014


By living from our authenticity we step into our power. In truth- the only one who can create our life is oneself, and by understanding that nothing comes from the outside and no one other than oneself can create it for us- we are empowering ourselves. If we look/wait for people/circumstances to bring us joy, contentment, strength and empowerment, or whatever we think we can look for in the external- we are in truth only victimizing ourselves and do not live in our power. There is no empowerment in putting our lives in the hands of others because no matter who it is- they will not fully know what we need or want on our journey. When living in our power we know that all is created from the inside to the outside. So by BEing our Authentic Self we have found our core, our inner sacred space where we will find all we need by truly listening to that silence, we now our True Self and we know who we are and create what we want and is for our highest good. Our True Self knows that it is our birthright to live in True Love, joy, abundance, and contentment. This is what we came here to discover, our True Selves, and then to live it in this physical reality and create something absolutely amazing and wonderful with this state of being.
When realizing that we want/desire something wether it is something in the internal or external- we are to know that by "searching" and looking for the frequency of it within ourselves we will find it because we hold everything within us, it is just a matter of awareness and willingness to find it, and when we have found it we can "fill up" that "hole" we have a belief is within ourselves.
So remember, it goes from the inside to the outside, as within, so without, not the other way around. As long as we are waiting/looking for outer happenings/circumstances/people to bring us that inner Wholeness by bringing us whatever we wish for- we are not living in our power as our Authentic Self.
This is what we have an opportunity to discover by being here in this reality; we Create with our inner frequencies. From within to without:) The question is: Are we willing to embrace our own Self and our power? Will it be a priority to live within inner empowerment?

I Love You

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