April 23, 2014


Hi, dear Ones <3 I hope that You are having a wonderful and peaceful present moment.
This past weekend and this week have brought a lot of New Light and information that I AM integrating and embodying. There is so much expansion, new levels of clarity, and inner peace as the True/Divine Self is being embodied. It is a very intense time and I AM feeling a bit hyper because of all the inspiration/ideas, but at the same time feeling the need for complete stillness and retreat, so are combining the two in a lovely way within my Bubble/sacred space.
We are to flow with it all and stay centered and balanced. <3

I feel that many will open up their heart at this powerful time, and are choosing to step into their Power and live the higher dimensional way of living, learning and growing, within Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Grace. All this is already present within us, the frequency of the New Earth is to be found within ourselves and then lived, regardless of how the 3d earth is, because we are the ones who are Creating the New, right here, right now. Each Soul knows which journey to take so no need to see anything as good or bad.
It is simply an option we have at this time to experience a new way of living in a physical reality. And in this we will find that we connect and come together with those who are on the same level of frequency. They may be the ones that we have worked with since the beginning, from our Soul family/group or even the same Soul. When we open up our Heart for ourself completely- inside out - we know that we are beautiful and perfect just the way we are, we know that we are powerful and are always bringing to ourselves what we need at any moment to bring us ever closer to our True Self. We know and see everything in the past and in the Now as perfect experiences that has brought so much expansion and are bringing us closer to our True Self, always, because we are the ones who has on a deep level decided to have them all in the purpose to empower ourselves and also to Master them through higher Awareness, we know that they may also be there to help us lift the veils of beliefs that we have taken on because of fear, and bring us ever closer to our True Self.
Nothing is random, everything is divinely planned and all comes in perfect divine timing. When we open up the heart completely- we become receptive to- and can take in so much more Light than what we could ever have imagined <3

Within awareness, and as we go within our hearts to listen, welcome, and enjoy this Time- we will have such a beautiful and profound experience of this shift. It is a conscious choice at this time to Open up the Heart and let this amazing Light flow into it.

Let Pure Love flow into it and out to all and everything.


May You have a lovely and harmonious day/night. Let's flow as much as possible with this new Light.


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