April 29, 2014


Hi, dear Brothers and Sisters <3

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, also called Ring of Fire. Today we are having this powerful and intense happening in our sky, and it is asking us to Let Go... let go of old patterns, behaviors, habits, and doings that in Truth are no longer serving us in any way. We are to Feel what brings us expansion, what is our true Intentions and Values?, are we empowered enough to shed the old, stagnated ways of living/doing things, and instead welcome in the New? We are to step into our power and Feel what brings us beautiful expansion. By setting our Intention to evolve and flow with our inner guidance, and be still so we can Feel the Divine Guidance - we will always shift and become More in a way that feels harmonious and natural.

May You embrace, value, and honor the Whole You. There's no need to put labels on the Self or anyone. We are always changing and shifting, and we are therefore only limiting ourselves by putting labels/titles on us and place us in some sort of box. By allowing ourselves and everyone to simply be- we are embracing the flow of expansion and change, and allowing the endless facets of ourselves and all of Creation to shine. There will always be expansion on this journey of ever becoming more, so everything is always changing, shifting and in flux.
We can be so much and do so much, and by truly go with the flow and embrace every new Now moment just as it is without the need to analyze or question it, and rather simply enjoy the expansion and joy that can come from allowing ourselves to BE and do from deep within and are therefor embracing the whole Self. We listens to the inner guidance/true heart, and our only desire is to always go with what brings our heart pure joy and makes it sing. In all this we are learning, growing and expanding in a much easier and happier way, because we have no resistance (which comes from limitations).
There are no limits and we are to embrace it and see the value of all aspects of ourselves and all, and embrace the New ones;)
I AM honoring ALL of You, in all its purity, nakedness, and ever changing/becomingness. We All have equal value. We have value simply by existing, and we All do deserve to live a life in joy, abundance, and as our True Self.

Remember to take time to BE, to relax, rest, and meditate, daydream, listen to the silence, dwell in the void. In all this we open up even more to the way of living and Creating within the New, we allow the Divine guidance to come to us in a beautiful way without any sort of resistance, and can instead embrace it all within awareness and deep presence. By us opening up our heart and mind, and receiving this guidance through BEing deeply present and relaxed- we will Create things that is for the highest good of the Self, and All That Is. Enjoy the simplicity and Magic of Creating within the New. <3

So much Love, Peace, Abundance, and Blessings to You, Beautiful Ones. Enjoy the Eclipse:) 
Listen to the whispers of the silence deep within You.

I Love You <3

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