May 1, 2014


Happy May, bright shining Creator beings <3 Let's welcome in this lovely month by stepping even more into Awareness and our True Self <3 We are purely creative- that is what our Souls are. It wants to experience, Create, expand, it wants to become more.. on this infinite journey. There are endless possibilities, there are no limits, and we are opening up to it. What does our Heart want? We truly are to go within the Heart- there we will find all the guidance we need, and by trusting our inner completely - we feel true Freedom, and we know our Value - we know that all of Creation is of equal value.

We are starting to Remember that we can create Heaven on planet Earth, and that this is what many of us have as an Intention/desire in this physical reality at this time. We are starting to understand that WE are the ones who co-creates this reality. This is why we are here- to re-Remember that we are powerful Creator beings who can create whatever reality we chooses, and at this time here on planet Earth- we are here because the Divine wants to experience through us a creating of- and then living Heaven on Earth. By us all working as One- we are creating the New Earth that is full of Love, Purity, Authenticity, Beauty, Magic and Plenty. 
The frequency of the New is already within us- and we are to live it in the Now. Every frequency of whatever we desire already exist within us, all we have to do is to go within and find it. By staying open in the Now and follow whatever comes in and therefor follow our Feelings and our Higher Heart, and do what brings us pure joy - we are doing exactly what we are to do. Because in this- we are our True Self, and our True Self is always shifting/expanding so there are to be a complete surrender to whatever we feel like BEing/doing in every now moment. By living in The New we understand that everything and everyone is always shifting and nothing is ever "done", there will always be more. So we are to embrace every new now moment within deep presence, and welcome in the change and shifts that it brings. When we Create in the New it is easy and much more effortless than how we created within the old 3d paradigm of creating- which was more about doing/action (the male energy, and we are to have Balance between the male and female energies), and therefor it was often more struggle- as with everything that isn't in Balance. If there is struggle and resistance in one way or another- it might have served its purpose and may not be for our higher good anymore, maybe it worked in the past but is to be let go of Now. Sometimes we simply have to Surrender and let go, because if there is struggle and some sort of resistance it might not be the perfect thing for us to do in the Now moment. We must surrender and allow the Divine force/will to flow through us. This has nothing to do with passiveness, it is all about perfect Balance between doing (masculine) and nurturing (feminine) - to understand that they co-exist in the Now, always. We shall have Balance between them in every moment, and not separate them and only focus on one part and then the other. Perfect Balance is to embrace them and let them be as One.

Living in the New has nothing to do with always feeling happy and knowing, it is just as much about embracing the not knowing and All our Feelings. We shall embrace the whole Self and not just certain aspects/parts of if, because if are to live and Create within the New - we must realize that we are to trust our Hearts and whatever we feel, and flow with whatever that comes up. <3 

Wishing You All a lovely new month <3 Enjoy giving birth to a new You in every new Now moment.
Trust and no fear is the way to complete inner FREEDOM. Trust yourself, trust your Heart, trust your Feelings, trust your experiences, and by staying within deep presence we are open to our inner guidance and are living within Awareness. 
Remember, Awareness is the key, it is all about Awareness.

Surrender and Embrace <3

I Love You <3

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